Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Writing with a Purpose

Without even talking to me Ian sat down with his Bookworm Wednesday book report form and started filling it out for tomorrow's free movie at our local cinema. 

Alec soon followed.  The only one who had problems was Evan.  He cried, ranted and raved for the entire time it took his brothers to do their reports.  He claims he can't remember what any single book is about and when I offered to read him a new one he threw his body down on the couch.  I ignored it and just calmly reminded him that he can't go to the movies without his report. 

I love how eagerly the older two boys wrote, how much attention they paid to their spelling and their sentence structure.

I guess when writing actually serves a purpose it's not so bad, though Ian did tell me his arm hurt after writing.  "Authors must work our and lift weights so they have nice strong arm muscles!" 

       From writing we moved onto reading and we read Bats at the Ballgame.  My kids LOVE this series of books and were so happy to see this book in our pile.  We also read Wild About You.  My kids love the book Wild About Books and when I saw that this was by the same creators I just knew we had to check it out.  These were both absolutely adorable and, in keeping with Evan's claim that he can't remember anything about the books we read, I stopped to ask tons of comprehension questions after each story.  Ian really wanted to read another chapter in Surviving the Applewhites and since I hadn't yet found anything else I didn't like about the story after reading ahead a bit I agreed, but warned them that we might not be finishing it if I find anything else I think is inappropriate.  We also read a chapter in The Robot King by Brian Selznick.  We love Brian's other books since his stories are well written and have AMAZING illustrations to go with them.  When I saw this book I knew the boys would love it.  I try to find a nice blend of books that will appeal to them each and all; some more than others, but I find they'll sit quietly for a book they might not love if they think they'll love one of the books I'm reading in a day. 

       Evan wanted to write up his book report since he didn't want to have to miss the movie and willingly wrote his name and the title then dictated the actual report to me to write down.  I only hope we make it to the movie now tomorrow or I'll never hear the end of it!  I keep warning them that we have to be up, dressed and ready to go pretty early in order to go and with my middle son sleeping at his grandmother's house tonight I'm just not sure if that will end up happening or not.  While I had him at the table with me we read another Bob books.  It had been many months since he read these books and I was curious to see what he remembered.  He remembered the WHOLE thing of book one! He needed help with book two but he really wanted to get to his favorite page of Mat sitting on Sam.  Since he does enjoy these books and feels confident he can learn them and read them I decided I'll probably end up ordering these books for us to have on hand one set at a time. 

      The two older boys started math while I was working on reading and writing with Evan.  I pulled out our bin of pattern blocks and poured them out on the table.  They love playing with these blocks and creating all sorts of designs, patterns and building with them.  I heard a random: "that's the whole point of homeschooling.. is to share!"  I received several requests to buy more of these blocks and I do have some in my cart at Amazon already.  I don't mind buying spending money on school supplies I know we'll use and I'm already looking ahead to next year, stocking up on supplies like pattern blocks, a microscope, and some liquid watercolors.  Once I was done working with Evan and they were done with the blocks, we sat down to read 12 Ways to Make 11.  Then Evan had some time to play with the pattern blocks also. 

     While I was preparing lunch, Ian pulled out a bunch of markers and paper and sat trying really hard to draw a jet.  He asked me a few questions and, since I didn't have answers, I looked up and found  How to Draw a Jet.  It's a step- by step guide for drawing a jet made for kids, easy and simple to understand.  I thought his jet came out great, if a bit small, but he thought it was awful and ended up giving up.

      By that time lunch was ready and the boys watched a bit of the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  This set came highly recommended but the boys and I thought it was actually pretty boring.  Recorded in the 1960's it looks very old and dated as well and is very scientific and more like an adult documentary.  We quickly turned it off and tried out  the Smithsonian Channel movie: Loose at the Zoo.  They really enjoyed this one! 
    With the end of the movie we declared it the end of our school day and the boys happily went about playing. 


  1. That jet is awesome!

    I found a link to your blog from the CT Homeschoolers Inclusive (just joined) page. My boys are younger than yours, but I like to see another all boy family homeschooling...something I can relate to :) what age did you start homeschooling your kids?

  2. We just wrapped up our first year of homeschooling... so they were 4, 6, & 8 when we started.