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How to Make Glue & Paint Batik Shirts

We started our batik t-shirts this week.

I had let the boys each pick out some acrylic paints a week or two ago at the craft store and promised we'd be making shirts with them.  I finally found the time to start them with the kids.

We first looked at pictures of batik cloth and clothes to give them some ideas and then I set them loose with white t- shirts and clear glue (though white glue will also work well).  Ian sketched his design first but Alec and Evan decided to just free hand them.  We got the fronts all glued and set them in the sun to dry two days ago.

After they were dry we flipped them over and worked on the backside.  We stretched each t-shirt over a large strip of cardboard to keep the glue from leaking through both sides of the shirt.  Wherever the glue is; it will resist the paint.

Today, we headed outside and painted the fronts of the Batik Shirts.

I'm not sure they really understood how Batik works as they didn't start out painting large washes of color…

A Very Short School Day; How we Read So Many Books When We're Not Schooling

With our summer fun underway a bit early this year we have already started shortening our school days.  We try to do a short math activity each day, squeeze in some reading when we can and hope to find time for some fun science experiments or art projects.  All of our schoolwork is worked around our activities and I was amazed today to realize just how many books we managed to read!

This morning the boys watched another episode of Popular Mechanics for Kids; Rip Roaring Roller Coasters and All Access to Fun.  They learned even more about the science behind park rides, attractions and circus shows.  While watching Alec was also playing Kanoodle and Evan was working on an art project he's making for his Aunt's baby. 

Delicious Fractions & Fun Geography Games

We had so many wonderful and fun lessons planned for today that we jut could not wait to get started.  I have found that incorporating any kind of candy into our school day makes it an immediate success!

We started our day by watching a few movies; Travel with Kids to Costa Rica and Popular Mechanics for Kids; Slither and Slime as part of our geography and science lessons for today.

We also read An Earthworm's Life.

But the best part of science was when we made our own slimy creatures by growing a gummy bear!

According to most sites I looked at; when placed in regular water overnight a gummy bear will grow and multiply in size, but one site found that the bear dissolved in water so we'll see what happens tomorrow I guess.

I found this great print- out for the boys to measure and trace the gummy bear before and after that explained the experiment too; I'm not one for worksheets usually but something about this one appealed to me so we used it today.  After just a few hours…