Scraps, scraps, scraps-- Organizing Paper Scraps

I had a bit of time this morning and decided that rather than do the dishes I'd prefer to work in my craft room.  I had 4 drawers that were filled with scraps of all shapes, sizes and colors and
I often pull all 4 of them out when looking for a specific piece or color of paper.

 It seems like I've gotten to the point where I don't want to throw any scraps away. 

But I'm starting to feel like scraps are taking over my room and most of my time too. 

I finally decided to organize my scraps by color too so I dumped all the drawers out and started sorting.  I used my hanging file cart to store all the paper scraps once they were sorted.

 My room is now a much bigger mess than I started with as I promised myself I'd focus on one small area of the room each day and organize just that one small area.  It will take time (and money) but I think it's high time I dedicated myself to making the room all I want it to be. 

I love the idea of sorting everything by color because 9 times out of 10 I know what color I want.  I also just love how pretty the rainbow of colors looks. 

Perhaps one day my room will be so organized and pretty I won't want to leave it!


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