Craft Room Organization: Brads, buttons and bows

OK so day #3 found me organizing my bin of brads, buttons and assorted embellishments.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew as I only managed to organize my brads today.  I had no idea I had so many!  I should have realized it since it is my favorite embellishment to use.

 I have brads in Disney shapes, cooking and kitchen utensils, trucks and tractors, stars, and every color of the rainbow.  I have had this magnetic organizer for well over a year.  I kept waiting for my husband to hang it (and for me to decide WHERE I wanted it) but today I decided enough was enough and I filled it up.

I had bought some extra canisters and honestly, I need  more.  But I love how it looks with all the colors sorted.  And I love the idea that I can see them all.  I often forget to use embellishments or re-order ones I already have forgetting that I bought them.

I am mounting  his over my bins of paper so it will be at eye level and easily accessible.  One small corner at a time this room is getting organized!

Day #1- Paper

Day #2 - Scrap paper

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