No snow? Make snow dough!

 We woke to pouring rain.  Knowing the boys would be stuck inside and miserable, I started making "snow" dough for later in the day.  We had a few story books left to read and we planned a very light day of schooling.

Snow dough is just a white play dough I made that I added clear glitter and peppermint extract to; you could use any version of homemade play dough, I'm sure.   I used a few tablespoons of glitter and a few drops of peppermint.

 It was a huge hit and the kids couldn't wait to dig in and play!

We read  Texas Night Before Christmas

And few chapters in Christmas In Camelot

Then the boys went off to play.

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  1. What a great idea. And that picture of the book by Mary Pope Osborne reminded me of how much my kids loved that series!

    1. We loved that series and read every book.. until we caught up with what was being published.


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