Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stories, Stories, Stories, TV, TV, TV

         Before anyone had even had breakfast my boys started writing letters to Santa.  We had done this a few months back but I can't find the letters anywhere and my oldest son wants to fold up his letter and leave it next to our elf to bring back to the North Pole with him tonight.  The elf was cracking everyone up this morning since he found a dry- erase marker and drew faces on all the kid's baby pictures.  This is the first year our elf has gotten into mischief and they're loving it. 
          We had another low- key school day.  We read another chapter or two in our Hugo book and started reading a few chapters in Thanksgiving on Thursday (part of the Magic Treehouse series).  We had checked out this book long before Thanksgiving and never got around to reading it.  I was going to return it but they didn't want me to until we read it.  Not like I was going to argue over that!  We also read Sitting Bull Remembers, and Dinosaur vs. Santa.  Another day with tons of reading.  I realized shortly after breakfast that we're going to see a play next week and I haven't yet read that book to them either and so we headed to the library to get, yet another, chapter book that we started reading today.  The boys ended up picking up some more books and movies.    Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the books they check out.  I feel like we should read them all cover to cover but that doesn't always happen.  I'm getting better about relaxing and enjoying homeschooling but sometimes I still stress a bit about all that is out there that we haven't yet learned about. 
        We came home and they asked to watch the next two episodes of Time Blazers that we had on DVR, one was all about the history of school.  It went from caveman times to ancient Rome up to present day.  It was pretty interesting.  The second one was all about the stars and the constellations.  As we were setting up for math I pulled up Blue World Webisodes and we ended up watching a quick 10 minute video on sea snakes in Australia.  It's a site I made sure to bookmark as the boys begged to watch even more webisodes.   All of the mini- episodes are about ocean life.  It's a really neat site.  We then played Yahtzee and Add- A- Bug. 
         Ian was dying to go play in the snow by that point and the other two wanted to eat lunch so I told them if they didn't want to do any art or science today we could stop for the day and they all readily agreed.  It was a very short and sweet day packed with books and education shows. 

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