A New Christmas Tradition

I had some ideas for several new traditions I wanted to start with the boys this year.  I went through all our bookshelves, pulled off all the Christmas books we have and wrapped them each individually. 

Each night they unwrap a book and we read a Christmas story.

This has made them so excited about reading!

We ended up reading three books last night because we had forgotten the other few days and they were all ready to tear open a new book this morning.  I had to explain it's really only one book per NIGHT.  We're going to save them for bedtime.

 They all grumbled and begged to open one this morning but I explained we'd run out before Christmas ever got here if we open them now. 

Ian has been creating elaborate houses out of dominoes.  He lays out floor plans and his last house had three bedrooms, each with their own closet, a game room, a huge family room/ kitchen, and honestly it looked a lot like the floor plans you buy except instead of drawn they were laid out with dominoes.  It's very creative and he put another one together this morning for our resident elf on the shelf.

Our elf was found taking a bubble bath in a tub of mini marshmallows this morning and the boys have steadily been eating away at his bath so it's probably a good thing he has a house now as a back up.

Alec wanted to do another add and color page and I found one with Santa Clause here (for free!) on Teachers pay Teachers.

Evan, once again, wanted to do a dot- to- dot.  He actually did two of them.  I found a bunch of Christmas ones at busy bee kids.
 I just love that my boys are always so eager to learn; especially when we make our work extra fun by including the holidays.
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