Jumping On a Trampoline is Not All Fun and Games

After our last two days of "field trips" I slept in a bit this morning and when I came downstairs my boys were playing with trucks and dominoes.  You can read about our trip to the zoo and Old Sturbridge Village here. 

They load up the dominoes on the trucks to move them around.  It was a complicated system involving Batman,  monster trucks, and an acid pit... I don't know.... but they were playing so nice I didn't have the heart to interrupt & start our school day.  I let them play until fighting ensued.

Then we cleaned up for breakfast and watched a  Crocodile Hunter show I had recorded about snakes in Arizona. 
We signed up for a new trampoline class that started this afternoon and the boys just could not wait for it to start.
The trampoline place was awesome!

The boys had so much fun.

Before class even started the boys were peeking into the gym and noticed all sorts of state & country flags as well as the Olympic flag.

It led to a great discussion of flags and a mini quiz (which I'm happy to say Alec recognized Florida's and Ian did too with a few hints!).   It was a 2 hour class and with 10 jumpers signed up I wasn't sure how much time they'd each get to be jumping but there are 10 trampolines so they were quite literally jumping almost the whole time.

 Two hours actually turned out to be a bit too much for Evan and he pretty much quit after an hour and a half.  I was assuming that everyone wouldn't be jumping at once but they did.

I also wasn't sure how structured this would be but it was very structured and all the boys took direction well.  I was told Ian seemed very mature for his age and listened exceptionally well.

I had no idea that this was a competitive jumping school and the children were learning basic skills that most Olympic level athletes start out learning.

Both Ian and Alec loved the class and immediately thanked me for signing them up when we got into the car.  Evan didn't really love it and told me he'd rather not go back (even though I asked him repeatedly if he liked it and wanted to continue taking classes BEFORE I paid for it)!

I had no idea how nerve racking it would be for me to watch them though. They land pretty hard sometimes and I kept picturing broken bones or major injuries.  The coach is very insistent that they do things a special way in order to avoid injury but with three young kids I'm realistic enough to know that doesn't always happen as with any sport injuries are possible.

It was a great experience and I can't wait to see how they progress over the next several weeks of classes.   I love that they are so willing to try new things!

It's amazing how much homeschooling has opened up our world and exposed us to so many new options and experiences!!


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