Saturday, April 21, 2018

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle Cake

We had some leftover food cake and shortcake biscuits in our freezer and I decided to combine them to make a yummy spring time dessert.

My husband requests strawberry shortcake for his birthday every year so I knew he'd love a shortcake type dessert and I love cakes that combine fresh fruit, pudding, and cool whip since they feel nice and light.  Thus our Shortcake Trifle was born.


3 cups sliced strawberries
1 cup sugar
1/8 cup water
1 Angle Food Cake loaf
4 shortcake biscuits
2 packages white chocolate instant pudding; prepared as directed on the package
Cool whip; thawed

First I combined the sliced strawberries, sugar, and water and set them aside.  This allows the strawberries time to create a lot of juice that helps moisten the whole cake.

 I crumbled up 1/2 the angel food cake and 2 of the shortcake biscuits into the bottom of my trifle dish.

I covered the cake with 1/2 of the pudding mixture.

Next I added 1/2 of the sliced strawberries with 1/2 of the juice to the top of the pudding. I did poke a few holes so the juice from the strawberries would flow through the pudding onto the cake crumbles.

Then I added a second layer of cake, pudding and strawberries and topped my dish off with as much of the cool whip as I could fit; making sure to completely cover all the strawberries.

Don't those layers look amazing?!

We set our cake in the fridge and ate it after dinner.  I find that trifle cakes often taste best after letting them sit for a few hours so the flavors can meld together. 

Then we scoop and eat.  It was delicious! 

What's not to love?  MM... cake.. good,  pudding good.. sorry, no meat in ours! LOL.

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Strawberry Butterscotch

Friday, April 20, 2018

Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Had the Trees Taken Down

We had a pretty quiet week at home.  The weather was cold and rainy so we ended up sticking close to home and taking walks whenever it cleared or warmed up enough for us to get out.  The real highlight of the week was watching the workers take down a few of the trees in our yard.

Friday we were heading out to go hiking and the boys were all ready to go early.  We were so surprised to find that most of the snow and ice had melted in the chasm so our group decided to hike through it.  We had a great time climbing over all the rocks and spent a few hours playing on the playground afterwards.  We stopped to get some ice cream on our way home and then the boys all went outside to play kickball.

Ian headed to work on Saturday.  They're putting new gravel throughout the campground and trimming trees. He was so excited to be driving equipment today; I even heard he got a chance to drive the dump truck (with his dad as passenger) and did an amazing job using his mirrors to back it up.  He is so lucky to have all this practice on all this private property!  The younger boys spent much of the day outside.  It was so beautiful out!!  After dinner my husband and I went for a walk and we saw some deer and even a barred owl!  I have never seen an owl out in the wild.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me though; that always seems to be the way.

On Sunday Alec began putting together another dough animal/ resin display.  This time he made some jellyfish in water.  Ian was off at work and Evan was watching TV.  After lunch we had a birthday party to go to and spent the evening with my family.

It poured almost all day on Monday.  There were a few breaks in the weather and the boys went out to play when they could.  Ian worked with the excavator to clear a few stumps from a lot that they were working on over the weekend.  The boys settled down to do a bit of schoolwork and they all started a new writing program we'll use over the summer to try and strengthen what has become an area of difficulty for them all.  After dinner the sun came out and we decided to take a walk in the woods-- we saw a beaver, some red wing black birds, and a very pretty sunset.

Ian, Evan and I had a few errands to run during Alec's karate class on Tuesday. After karate we all met my mother in law at Dunkin Donuts.  The kids had egg sandwiches and we talked a bit about our vacation and the plans we already have in the works for next year's vacation.  The boys worked on some schoolwork, helped clean the house, and headed outside to play for the afternoon.  Ian finished clearing up the lot and headed out for a haircut as soon as dinner was over.  Alec added his final layer of resin to his jellyfish-- they glow in the dark since he used glow in the dark dough to build them!

We had some trees cut down on Wednesday and it kept the boys entertained most of the day.  We have a few big pin trees near our house that have been shedding large limbs with every storm that passes through and we figured it was time to have them taken down.  It took the 3 man tree crew a full day but they cleared both trees.  Alec found time to finish up his jellyfish by adding some flowers, and a top and bottom to the fake tank using more dough.  The boys and I played a State Debate game and worked on some other schoolwork too.  Evan  headed out for a sleepover in the evening and Ian headed out with his grandmother to go to dinner and out shopping so my husband and I took Alec to dinner and we did a bit of shopping too.

The before picture; courtesy of Evan

First they trim all the limbs off 

Eventually the tree was just not tall enough and they climbed the tree to finish 

Playing States Debate 

Alec's completed mini aquarium 

Watching them chip up all the limbs

We woke to more pouring/ freezing rain on Thursday but Ian and I decided to head out and get groceries anyway.  We spent a quiet day at home doing schoolwork, reading, and watching TV.  Evan popped in long enough to work on his math book and then left again and we never saw him until dinner.  Alec spent most of the day in his room listening to his book on CD and Ian kept working on his Lego truck.  He has been modifying the rotator he has been working on ever since he saw one in read life on Tuesday.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Z Is for Zoo; Our Favorite Zoo Series

I actually had two different book series I wanted to share that both have to do with zoos so I thought they'd be perfect for the letter z and a fun way to end this blogging through the alphabet challenge.

Zoe's  Rescue Zoo is a fun early chapter book series for any child that enjoys reading about animals.  My middle son loved that these books featured such adorable animals. Though the books are numbered we didn't find that this was a series that HAD to be read in order.  Zoe works at her Great Uncle's animal rescue zoo and helps him care for injured or endangered animals.  There are currently more than 10 books in the series and just look at some of the cute, cuddly little animals on the cover!

The Secret Zoo series is another great book series about a zoo.  In this series Noah, Meghan, Richie, and Ella live next door to the Clarksville City Zoo and Meghan begins noticing that the animals are acting funny.  When She goes missing Noah, Richie and Ella set out to find her and discover that there is so much more to the zoo than they ever imagined.  Part fantasy novel/ part mystery- adventure series; my middle son devoured these books and had to wait rather impatiently for the sixth and final book of the series to come out and wrap it all up. 

Book #1

Book #2 Secrets and Shadows-- In book the kids are back and training to become Crossers; people who can cross over from the Clarskville City Zoo to the Secret Zoo and they must help defend the secret zoo from evil forces. 

Book #3 Riddles and Danger-- With Evil being leaking out of the zoo and into their hometown the children have to help defend their town and protect the zoo.  

Book #4 Traps and Specters-- On Halloween night when Noah and his friends walk right into a trap, three of his friends are captured.  Now the children must save every person and animal at the zoo; including themselves while evading the city's police. 

Book #5 Raids and Rescues-- The children's friends have been taken hostage and are being held in an off- limits sector of the secret zoo.  Noah, Meghan, Richie, and Ella must travel through a never ending maze of aquariums to rescue them.

Book  #6 The Final Fight-- We were so relieved to finally see the last book in the series released last year; it wrapped up all the loose ends.  

Do you have any favorite animal or zoo series?  We're always looking for some great books to read.

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