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September Pinterest Challenge-- No Bake White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Alec has continued working on tackling a new "baking" project each week and has been making so many delicious things for us to try.  He's been dying to make a decadent cheesecake recipe so he picked out a recipe and we went shopping for ingredients.
The day he was going to make the cheesecake I asked him a question about how long he was going to need to bake it for. When he couldn't find that answer in the recipe I asked to see it and just had to laugh; it was another recipe for a no bake cheesecake!  I think he was a bit disappointed but this no-bake cheesecake was more involved than the others we've made through the years and I told him we could always try a more traditional recipe another time.

He used this pin and followed it right to the original recipe.  Following the recipe exactly he had a very yummy dessert when he was done.. though as you'll see from the photos below it did not set up nearly as nicely as the pinned image and we have no idea why no…

100 Days of Science #99-- Rocket Science

We set off our model rocket.  Alec got this kit one year for his birthday and I never really read the box.  I assumed it was like our other model rocket kits and we needed to buy a fuel pack for it.  Turns out it is a simple baking soda and vinegar powered rocket.

While we have used baking soda and vinegar for what seems like a million other experiments the boys were still eager to set off the rocket and see how high it went.

 We ended up setting it off three times.  The first time I filled up the baking soda and vinegar chambers but I didn't press the rocket firmly enough into place and it shot off before I had even turned around and it didn't go very high.

There are holes all up the sides where you pour in the baking soda and I was surprised at how much baking soda falls out of them.. luckily it didn't see to impact the experiment.

Alec set if off next and his rocket went so far so fast I could not track it with my camera!  It looked like a dot in the sky.

I encourage…

Fall Home Tour

I do like to decorate for fall since it is my favorite season but since I don't really enjoy storing seasonal items I do try to keep it to a minimum with just little touches of it here and there.

If pictures could give off scents you'd know that our house smells like pumpkin spice, maple, and apple-- I use a lot of Yankee Candle products to keep our house smelling like all my favorite scents of the season!

With just a few simple additions our mantle transitions from summer to fall quite nicely.   I have some white pumpkin garland, some light green pumpkins and a perfectly placed Grateful plaque in blue pulls all the colors together nicely

On our dining table I placed the three mason jar luminaries we made (5 years ago now!) on a narrow tray with some tealights and harvest colored vase filler gems scattered around.  They catch and reflect the lights of the candles so nicely.

I added a few fall colored flowers and light up twigs to the tin pitcher in our sitting room and round…

My Latest Scrapbooking Pages

I got a really great start on scrapbooking for the current year!  I uploaded and ordered all the photos we've taken so far this year then organized them by month and activity; making sure to write names, dates, and details on the back. 
Once I had that done decided what to scrapbook was so easy!  I managed to get all of these pages done in just two days and have only titles left to make on all my other layouts.  I could not believe how easy it was to accomplish so much... all thanks to those scrapbooking kits I was gifted!  
Once again I turned most of those two page kits into perfect one page layouts.  

Though I did put one two page layout together and didn't change a thing.  

Have you ever tried scrapbooking using a pre- designed kit?  I never had but I do love how quickly it all comes together.