Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Niagara Falls at Night

We decided to walk over the rainbow bridge into Canada one night just so we could see the falls all lit up.  We parked in Niagara Falls State Park in New York, walked across the bridge and through customs, and all the way to the Niagara Falls welcome center in Canada in under half an hour.

The falls are best viewed from the Canadian side and we waited anxiously for it to get dark enough to see all the lights that they project onto the falls.

We could not get over how beautiful the Canadian side of the falls were.  Niagara falls state park on the New York side is quite nice but the rest of the city is really falling apart and feels neglected and abandoned with empty boarded up buildings everywhere.  Not so on the Canadian side!  Everywhere we looked we saw gardens, flowers, fountains, and thriving businesses.

My mother in law offered to take our picture in front of the falls and a woman walking by offered to take one with her in it too.

Canadian welcome center at Niagara

We headed in to get some snacks from Tim Hortons

The lights that they use to turn the Canadian falls different colors

See the rainbow at the base of the falls?

Evan wanted his photo taken with the Canadian falls with their red and white flag projection on it.

American falls; red,white and blue

You can see where the lights are coming from to light up the American falls in this shot

Once we had seen our fill we began making our way back to the United States.  When we were about half way across the bridge the fireworks started.  We had heard that fireworks were only set off this time of year on weekends but we figured the United States was setting them off in remembrance of 9/11.  We stopped to watch the display before continuing on.  (Sorry the photos are blurry; it's hard to get photos at night).

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Visiting the Buffalo Zoo

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Visiting the Buffalo Zoo

We decided to spend our 4th day in Niagara falls by taking a little side trip to Buffalo.  The boys had asked me to find a zoo for us to tour while we were on vacation and the one in Buffalo sounded pretty nice.

The Buffalo zoo was wonderful!  We saw so many neat animals and just loved watching all the animals our and about.

We arrived right as they opened and got to watch them feeding the California sea lions.

Can you guess what our next stop was based on these giant footprints?

The polar bears!  They had two polar bears and we stopped to watch them for quite a long time. 

Right next door was the Arctic foxes-- an animal we've only seen in books and movies! My boys really loved the darker fox and learned from the trainer that he was named Ash. It was their feeding time too and they were quite active running all around the habitat.

We saw rhinos, rock hyrax (a totally new animal to us!), giraffes and deer/ antelopes of all sorts.

There were a few really pretty flowers still in bloom all around; you can't tell from the picture but there flowers were HUGE! My mother in law and I assumed they are a species of morning glory but I don't know for certain.

We spent quite a lot of time in the Rainforest building playing with all their hands on displays and watching a movie about the rainforests before heading out back to see the animals up close.

We saw caimans, monkeys of all sorts, capybaras, macaws, a giant ant eater, and a huge anaconda.

Red ibis 

Squirrel monkey 

White faced saki 

Back outside we debated about stopping for lunch but decided to just finish up the zoo and head elsewhere to eat.

We saw hyenas, zebras, lions, tigers, and snowy leopards.


Maned wolf 

Look at the size of the paws on the lioness! 


We spent an awful lot of time in the gorilla house watching this big gorilla; who kept giving my oldest son and husband dirty looks! We also were quite entertained by two smaller gorillas who kept chasing and fighting each other over a ball.. kind of reminded me of my boys!

We stopped to see the Meerkats and then headed back outside.

I just had to see the polar bears one more time before leaving and we all enjoyed watching this large animal play with the barrel.

Their jumping fountains near the entrance reminded us all of the fountains at Disney's EPCOT!

We drove to downtown Buffalo and stopped for lunch at the Pearl Street Brewery for lunch. This four story restaurant has it's own brewery inside.  The food was so good too!

Their mascot; Lake Effect Man 

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