Friday, June 22, 2018

Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week The Boys Went Swimming Everyday

It's official!  Summer is here!  We've had sunny skies and pretty warm temperatures all week.  The boys ended up spending just about every afternoon in the lake swimming and playing and I spent most days reading a book or working on the blog while sitting out on the patio.

Ian headed off for a half day of work on Saturday while the younger two boys stayed close to home.  We watched our tadpoles eating some spinach and made a house for them outside.  I spent most of the day scouring through our filing cabinet looking for the boat registration and ended up cleaning out a good 3 bags of old papers.  The boys all went boating and tubing and Ian even worked on getting the jet ski ready to put in the water.

Ian got his second turtle just a month or so ago and we weren't sure they would get along..
Guess we didn't need to worry. 

The boys and I had planned on taking my husband down the river on Sunday for Father's day.  It was a beautiful day and though temps were supposed to be close to 90 we had a beautiful breeze.  We spent a good 2-3 hours kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming (though I just kayaked and found a shady spot to sit while everyone else fished and swam).  We then went out to Wrights Chicken Farm and enjoyed a very yummy all you can eat family style chicken dinner.

Monday the boys began some summer school review work.  They have been driving me NUTS complaining about how bored they are so we all decided it was time to do SOMETHING.  They'll each work on two math pages (most days but not everyday), do some reading, and we hope to find lots of fun arts and science projects to do together.  We also worked together to clean the upstairs.  While we had some sunny skies, the younger boys and I decorated t-shirts using spray paint and then all the boys spent the afternoon swimming in the lake.

We had some cute visitors on our beach 

Alec had karate on Tuesday and the other two boys went to breakfast with their grandmother.  Once home we all ate lunch, cleaned a room in the house and then the boys spent the afternoon playing in the lake.  We blew up Evan's new ray tube and the kids had a great time playing with all the floats.  After a quick dinner of Subway sandwiches Ian and my husband headed back down the river in their canoe to go fishing while Evan and I walked up the road to get the mail.

Wednesday after grocery shopping, we got a fun science experiment set up.  While we have made color changing flowers, celery stalks, and more in the past, Evan was so young that he doesn't remember so I figured that would be a fun and easy science experiment to do again.  We had two other experiments planned but after cleaning the boys decided to head outside once again and go swimming so we put them on hold for another day.

I got the boys out of the house nice and early on Thursday and we went strawberry picking!  We also began listening to the latest Trials of Apollo book on Cd and worked on cleaning the basement and patio.  The boys spent the afternoon in the lake, once again!!  I just LOVE summer weeks like this!!

Weekly Weight Tracker:

Saturday-- I didn't weigh myself at all; I'm trying to get in the habit of only weighing myself once or twice a week but it's tough.

Sunday-- We went for a family canoe/kayak ride and spent hours paddling around and walking upriver against the current.

Monday-- I worked out for 30 minutes on the stability ball.

Tuesday-- I went walking for an hour while Alec was karate and then for another 30 minutes after dinner.  I know I have been eating horribly this week and this was my pathetic attempt to combat that.

Wednesday--  I didn't exercise at all!

Thursday-- I was overjoyed to see I lost just another .4 lbs this week. I thought for sure the scale was going to show a gain after all the junk food I've eaten and my complete lack of motivation to work out in any meaningful way this week. While I would have liked to loose more I'll take it!

Down 7.4 lbs total and I'm already noticing that my shorts and pants are looser!!

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Homeschooling Tweens and Teens: The Bare Truth

I am honest enough to admit that I never thought I would be homeschooling my boys through their tween and teen years.  We began homeschooling with a year by year attitude and after my first few months I really wasn't sure we'd be homeschooling all that long.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized my oldest was starting middle school and I was still homeschooling!  I kind of freaked out a bit not knowing what to expect when homeschooling middle school but we muddled through and I realized it wasn't much different from what we had been doing before; my teaching and guiding grew right alongside his skills and learning. 

Now my oldest is just beginning his freshman year of high school at home and my younger two boys are firmly in the throes of middle school.  Again I'll admit I freaked a bit at the thought of homeschooling high school but once we sat down and sketched out a rough plan we were both excited at the thought of continuing this homeschooling journey together.

Can I let you in on a little secret??  

I actually find it much easier to homeschool middle and high school!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Virtual Refrigerator-- More Coloring Pages

Alec has been coloring up a storm in his room while listening to books on CD.  He had finished most of his Color Counts Coloring books to try and we were thrilled to find some Mystery Mosaic books.

Thanks for stopping by and joining us again this week as we host another virtual refrigerator arts and crafts link up.

The first two are from the mosaic book:

The rest are from assorted Color Counts books.

He took a few of these books with some markers in the car while we were on vacation too.  

Now without further ado I invite you to grab a "magnet" and link up your arts and crafts posts below and visit some other bloggers to see what they shared on their refrigerators.

Your art project doesn't need to be a stand alone post, nor does it need to be a tutorial.  We love day in the life posts or homeschooling wrap- ups that show art work too!  

So what do you have to share with us?

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