Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Art Project #2; Tissue Paper Flowers

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend I thought the boys might enjoy making some tissue paper flowers.

I can remember making these as a child myself and have fond memories of working with my sister, baby sitter and even my grandmother to make lots of different varieties.  I thought this would be a perfect project to add to our 100 Days of Art Challenge!

They are simple to make and only require the use of tissue paper, chenille stems (or wire) and some scissors.

Our tissue paper was 20x20 inches so I cut them down into 10x10 squares.  I then cut each 10x10 square down into two different sizes.  Some became small 5x5 squares while other were longer 10x5 rectangles.  The rectangles make poofier, fuller looking flowers but are slightly harder to deal with.

The boys each picked the color (or colors that they wanted) and made sure to have 8 sheets of the same size paper.  We then accordion fold the paper (with the rectangle you want to keep it 5 inches across and fold along the 10 inch side)  Once the paper is all folded we wrapped a chenille stem around the center of  our paper and started pulling one sheet at a time up and away from our folds.

Ian and Evan only ended up making one flower each but Alec really enjoyed this project and made a good 4 flowers or so.  I joined him and we had fun playing around and experimenting.  After folding the papers together we often clipped the ends into fun shapes.

One time I fringed the ends:

One time he cut both ends into a "w" shape:

Another time I rounded both ends:

We just loved how they all came out and displayed them in a vase.

So very Pretty!  
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  1. THese would be perfect for an upcoming project I have.
    Thank you for sharing on Oh My Heartsie-Wonderful Wednesday!!

    Im following now on Pinterest, BL Twitter G+
    Pinned for future use!!
    Have a great Mothers Day!

    1. Wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Such a fun craft! They did a great job :)

    1. Thanks. It was a lot of fun. I wasn't sure they'd like it. I was afraid they would think it was "too girly" but they had fun.

  3. We made those about two years ago and had such fun with them. Thanks for reminding me about them in time for Mother's Day!

    1. You're welcome! It's such a fun and quick (non- messy!) craft.

  4. I remember making these as a kid, thanks for the reminder, pinning!

    1. Thank you for the Pin. I'm not sure what made me think of them but I remember making tons of these as a kid. I think we may have even used colored facial tissue a time or two!

  5. Wow! Loved making these in school, when I was a child. Had to pin this, making these would be a fun craft for my daughter. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for the Pin! I hope you enjoy making them together.

  6. Oh, they are lovely! I've never tried making these flowers before, but now I'm thinking my daughter will probably love them. We'll have to try this next weekend!
    Pinned to The Really Crafty Link Party Pinterest board!

  7. We always have a lot of fun making tissue paper flowers. We usually make them around Cinco de Mayo. :) Maybe next year she can make one for her grandmother.

    1. I think all the pins on Pinterest for Cinco De Mayo is what gave me the idea.

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