Friday, March 4, 2016

Animal Antics at the Zoo

We had a great time at the zoo on Monday.  The weather was perfect; sunny and warm enough that we were able to leave winter coats at home.  The animals were out and about and the boys had fun with them!

We actually got to play with several animals through the glass of their enclosures and we had a great time watching the animal antics at the zoo.  

It was so nice to go on a field trip again.  It feels like it's been ages!

We watched the zebras and wildebeests; reading about Africa 

The cheetahs were new animals this year! 

We joked that they liked Alec's hat because once we got up to the window
they started pacing right up to us and in front of us! 

The wild dog was sleeping until we showed up and Ian
started howling.  Then he woke up and walked over to get a

Watching the Giraffe's run 

We stopped for a snack break while watching the Lesser pandas

Isn't he just the cutest?!  My kids LOVE
Lesser pandas 

The snow leopard was right next to the gate and he sure kept his eye on us 

There were all sorts of birds around at lunch time!
Signs of spring!! 

This white handed gibbon was very interested in what
the boys had in their bags.  He kept tilting his head
to look inside. 

This bird was flying back and forth from one stick to another;
his wings are HUGE! 


The boy had the best time with the otters in their new enclosure.
They were chasing the boys stuffed animals back and forth in
front of the window; popping up on two feet every now and then. 

When Alec sat down with his back to them
they started swimming all around him and it
felt like they were trying to peek over his shoulders!
The bintergons were out for once!  Asleep; but out! 

Peacock; we were able to walk right up to it!

Alec's favorite kind of dog; a statue 

We spent some time watching the tree kangaroo 

These flamingos were fighting and squawking; making quite a racket 

Alec found a huge seed pod and wanted to
see what was inside 

The harbor seals were sunning themselves today 

Visiting the elephants 

We watched them eating and using their trunks for quite some time 
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  1. We went to the zoo this week too. It is so much fun to watch the animals play.

    1. It really is. As often as we go we always see something new and unusual from one of the animals or else we get to hear a "new" animal making noise that has always been quiet.

  2. The zoo is always a favorite, and each one is so different! TFS!

    1. That's what I always say. My boys love zoos and we like to check out different ones when we're on vacation but my husband does not understand... he always says if you've seen one you've seen them all but my boys are quick to point out all the different animals each zoo has.