Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brewing Up Some Fun With Homemade Butterbeer

We have been having so much fun with our Harry Potter Unit!  I knew we' d have to try making our own butterbeer at home since we just loved it so much at Universal Studios.  Today was finally the day and the boys could not wait!

We made up our own brew of Butterbeer this afternoon. 

We bought the ingredients we needed at the store yesterday and brewed up a batch after lunch today.  It was pretty easy and we followed the recipe found on Design Dazzle's webpage.  Ian and Alec loved our recipe but Evan didn't think it tasted anything like the one he had at Universal Studios.

They all had lots of fun making it though and worked together.  We were surprised to see how much the whipped cream topping began to foam as we added it to the soda mixture.  The boys happily dug right in and all said it reminded them a bit of a float.

We also read two more chapters in The Deathly Hallows book while we ate lunch and drank our Buterbeer; fitting, I know.  

It was the perfect way to end our day.
It's serious! 


The boys had started on their schoolwork early this morning.  

We had karate again today and I had pulled out the boys math books to bring with us in the car.

I was looking through Evan's workbook and realized that he doesn't have many pages left that he could do on his own.  I called him over and read him descriptions of 2-d and 3-d shapes and we ended up completing both pages before we even got in the car.

Ian completed two more pages in his measurement book and Alec picked two pages in his math book as well.  Alec worked with subtracting & reducing fractions as well as multiplying and dividing by 100 and 10.

Ian also completed a page in his spelling book while in the car so he could have less work to complete when we got home.

The boys  and I watched a movie about the planets today as part of our Harry Potter astronomy unit.  The movie we watched was simply called Planets.  The boys were pretty interested in it; especially Alec who often asked us to rewind or go back to a certain part so he could listen again.

We all learned a little something about our planets and the solar system.

Evan speculated that there must be other galaxies out there and when I assured him that we at least knew there were other solar systems beyond our own he speculated that there must be some sort of other life out there somewhere.

I smiled and told him many people believe that too but no one knows for sure.

Ian and I sat and read another chapter in the Hunger Games.  I had him read two of the pages out loud to me and I read the rest to him.  He still hates to read out loud and he always shies away from reading chapter books.  Knowing how he feels I try to encourage him to push himself just a bit now and then.  He's really enjoying the story and we talked about how much more we've learned just in reading these two chapters than he ever did watching the movies.  He told me that the book is helping him understand the movie better.  I encouraged him to re-watch it when we're done reading it.

While Ian and I were reading, Alec was busy reading a few chapters in his Warriors book and Evan was busy hunting for hidden short vowel eggs again.

Spelling Egg Hunt:
Today I cut up 10 of the short U words and hid them inside plastic Easter Eggs.  He hunted up the 10 eggs and unscrambled the letters to form the words.  He had a few questions and I had to laugh and shake my head when I checked on him and saw that every single time he put the U in the middle of the word but wrote it upside down as an n!  He knew we were working with short u sounds. I reminded him that all the words had to have a u in them and then left him to correct himself.  When he was done his spelling work we read Biscuit's First Sleepover together.  He did a good job and was happy to see Biscuit again.

More Spelling Work:
I finished up the school day with Alec. He had another new spelling list this week and he had asked me if I could quiz him on the words first before he practiced them. I thought that was an odd request but figured it couldn't hurt.

He knew 16 of the 20 words off the top of his head.

It seemed rather silly to make him practice them at that point.  I talked to him about what he thought we should do.  He wanted to just go onto the next list but Evan suggested that perhaps I should quiz Alec again tomorrow and then set him up with the next list.  Alec and I agreed that it would give him just a bit more practice and would help him reach mastery with this list and yet would not waste his time making him practice words he obviously knows pretty well already.  With all the reading Alec does he tends to be a natural at spelling and I feel like I'm wasting his time making him work on spelling words.  We may have to come up with a totally different solution.

With school done for the day the boys went to play.  
Ian headed outside.  He's finally able to dig in the dirt again and even asked to order a few new trucks for the coming season using his work money.  The younger two boys locked themselves in Evan's room again and dug out all the Lego characters and things they were playing with yesterday.  They took off right where they had left off and I had a few hours peace to read my book, write my blog and relax.  Certainly can't complain about a great Tuesday like today!
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  1. Very cool, Mother of 3! We love Harry Potter also, but so far it has just been the movies. I read half of the first book to my sons, and I can't wait until they are ready to read more of it with me! The Butter Beer sounds yummy! Stopping by from Throwback Thursday at Tots and Me :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My younger two are HUGE Harry Potter fans and my oldest has actually spent the last week re-watching all of the movies.