Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Applying Science in Life

Today started out like all our homeschooling days tend to; we did some book work and covered math and reading and then the boys picked other topics to cover as they were interested in them.

Our science lesson wasn't anything big or exciting; it consisted of watching a movie.

I know movies can be great educational tools but I often wonder how much they learn and retain from movies.  

I can't always tell how well they are understanding or paying attention to the movie.  I usually assume if they aren't asking questions they are understanding. I assume if they asked to watch the movie they're paying attention.

But I never really know for sure.

Today, once our schoolwork was all done and we headed out for a walk, my youngest showed me that he can learn a lot from watching movies.  He applied the concepts we were learning about in the film to real life.  It was refreshing to know that watching movies is a great way for my kids to retain information and to know that my kids can make connections from what we're learning about to how they apply in real life.

Here's how our day went:

The boys settled right down at the table to get to work after breakfast.  They all chose to work on math first.  Evan completed two pages in his Star Wars book adding 100.  He was done before I had even realized he had started.  I guess he understands how to add 100!

Alec and Ian had another coloring page that dealt with subtraction & regrouping.  They both got them all correct today and I promised we could move onto a new skill next week.  When they were done I worked them all a bit one- on- one and they each completed another page in their verbal math books.

Ian read three chapters in his Weirder School book.  Evan read three more Dick and Jane stories; laughing outright at some of the pictures.  He seems eager to see how much sillier the stories will get and was not at all intimidated to find that they get much longer.  I never thought he'd enjoy such simple stories.

Alec has been trying to read Evan's Minecraft book; Invasion of the Overworld.  He decided yesterday that he needs to read the whole book in a day or two since Evan had requested book two from the library and it came in.  Alec wants to read it with Evan but is determined to finish book one first.  He's already past chapter 11 so I'm pretty sure he'll be all set to start book 2 tomorrow.  Evan told him he'd wait but not very long so Alec has been taking his book everywhere with him.

They have plans to have a sleepover and that way Alec can read the book out loud at bedtime.

Ian sat with me and asked me to help him add another page to his history report.  Today we wrote about all the uses for bulldozers and I was surprised to learn quite a bit.  I had no idea they used bulldozers to help control volcano eruptions and to put out forest fires.  We now have two full pages of facts about the bulldozer and we're hoping to finish his written report by Friday.  Then we'll need to concentrate on finding a good hands on activity.

Evan and I sat and read two more books about Korea.  We read Sori's Harvest Moon Day and Korea (Fiesta).  I am pretty bad at bothering to pre-read any books that I cover with the boys so it was a happy coincidence that both of our books today dealt with Korean holidays.  We learned a lot about different occasions they celebrate and how they celebrate them.  We also got a few more ideas about some fun craft projects he can incorporate with his report.

Evan wanted to watch another Science of Disney Imagineering video today.  I put the move in and settled down to watch with Evan.  Alec joined us and we all learned about trajectory.

Ian was not interested in re-watching the movie and instead chose to work on the computer trying to perfect his drawing on CAD.  After taking a bit of a break from it all he's back at it drawing excavators and trying to perfect his skills.

We read our last two chapters in Danger in the Darkest Hour during lunch.  We were happy to finish up this Magic Tree House book about World War II.  There were some fact pages in the back of the book and I skimmed those too reading aloud the parts I thought the boys would be interested in listening to.  We then looked up photos of Adolph Hitler on the internet since the boys were asking what he looked like.  We talked about the movie the Sound of Music; which we'll be watching either tomorrow or Friday.  I told then where it took place, how the family fit into Hitler's plans and why they and many other people in all the countries Hitler occupied tried to rebel.

 We cleaned up and headed out to run some errands.  I stopped at the bank and Ian wanted to make a deposit.  He filled out his slip and counted up all his money.  He also added what he was depositing to what he already had in the bank so he would know how much money he had in all.

We decided on the local river walk and the boys were thrilled to get out.  We hadn't planned on the path being flooded from snow melt and came home with wet pant cuffs and soaked shoes.  The boys didn't seem to mind too much though.  They took off running and chasing each other.

We stopped to watch the ducks both in the water and on the snow.  They stopped to talk to just about everyone we met on the walk.  They watched the ice sheets breaking apart and floating down the river, we saw one particularly large piece get stuck on a rock, turn sideways, and take back off down the river with a few smaller pieces breaking off.  The boys threw snowballs at one another and then decided to turn their attention to trying to get their snowballs to land in the river.

 Evan picked up a clump of snow, made a ball and told me he was using trajectory in real life.  He then threw the snowball and said "See?  Trajectory!"  I asked him what part was trajectory and he told me the path the ball took through the air.  It was great to get out and enjoy the fresh air even if we did all have squishy feet walking around the grocery store.

It was fabulous to see Evan applying science concepts in real life.

Running through the puddles 

Watching ice floes 
The ducks were in the water 

and on the snow!

Alec loved watching all the sparkling icy snow 

It's a race! 

Evan, testing out the trajectory of snowballs.

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  1. Hi, Mother of 3! I think TV and movies get such a bad rep, but I think they can truly have children learn from them. It looks like you all had a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

    1. So true! I find that as long as the kids are really engaged and interested in what we're watching they absorb so much.

  2. Hello neighbor from the Social Butterfly Sunday link up...wonderful post here and I think it is wonderful that you can create lessons from movies. One advantage of being a homeschool mom/teacher, you can teach based on your children's interests.

    1. Yes! I love that I can use their interests to guide us. It makes for such a fun learning environment for us all.