Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gingerbread houses and gingerbread pirates

 The boys were anxious to get started on our Christmas crafts very early this morning.  As soon as Alec was out of bed they began their gingerbread houses.   Typically we buy 1 kit and the kids all work on it together and while that work OK there is an awful lot of fighting.  We saw some kits on sale for 1/2 price at Michael's the other day and the boys could not agree on one set.  Ian and Evan wanted the mini houses and Alec wanted the larger house.  We ended up buying both kits and so the boys set to work making a whole gingerbread village this morning.

It was messy but the kids had lots of fun; more fun eating the candy than decorating but that's all part of the memories.  While they were busy crafting I read them The Gingerbread Pirates.  They enjoyed the story and I liked that it kept me from taking over their gingerbread houses; I do have a bad habit of doing that.  After reading the book Evan decided we need to make some gingerbread cookies this year.  We never have but I agreed that it would be a good thing to try this year. 

A few of the completed buildings (with walkway!)

Our whole village

Alec made a wreath out of "holly" for the back of
his house (next to his windows)

   By the time we cleaned up, Evan was all ready for some school work.  He brought me his math book, his phonics book, the book of mad libs and another Cat the Cat book for reading.  We worked on two pages in his math book, two pages in the phonics book, and filled out a mad lib together before reading.  He did an awesome job reading Let's Say Hi to Friends Who Fly!

Learning about hard c and soft c
While Evan was hard at work Alec set himself up making some more window clings.  Alec drew his own pictures, taped some cling wrap over it and took out the fabric paint from yesterday.  He made 5 or 6 more clings even though I warned him that yesterday's window clings were stuck to the plastic wrap and I couldn't get them off this morning until I cut them away from the plastic.  They did look great once I got them in the windows but it was such hard work I didn't want to have to do it again.  He didn't care and promised to cut away his own pictures tomorrow if they won't come off the cling wrap.
one of our completed snowflake clings

Hard at work

His completed pictures

 Ian, meanwhile, was working on some drawings of trucks.  He made up a whole scene and a story to go along with his drawings.  Apparently these trucks have mined the most gold from their claim up in Alaska than any other claim.  He had a color scheme for his trucks in order to set them apart from anyone else's trucks. 

this one even has an excavator arm in the foreground

When I finished with Evan I sat with Ian for a while and we worked on two pages in his math book.   Today we worked on comparing fractions, ordering them smallest to largest, and figuring out how to make like denominators.  We also worked on a page converting centimeters to milliliters and dollars to cents.  He worked hard and diligently and without complaint so I was happy and it was over with pretty quickly so he was happy too.  He then read a few chapters in Roscoe Riley; he's now on the 4th book in the series. 

By the time I finished up with Ian, Alec was finally done his window clings and I help him move them into the other room to dry overnight.  I brought his math book into the kitchen and we worked on ordering decimals; a concept he caught on to ridiculously quickly.  I encouraged him to work on a second page too and so we worked on adding the operation to equations that were missing them.  I was surprised that he had a bit of difficulty at first figuring out if they had added or subtracted.  He promised to read later while we were in the car and he ended up finishing up the Warriors book he was on and starting the next one.

We read a bit more in the Blood Of Olympus while we ate a quick and early lunch then we headed out to our gym class.  The kids played soccer, gaga ball, and a fun kicking/target game.  They ran around, played Simon Says and had fun.  We had a few minor injuries and Evan got upset a few times when the games didn't go his way but overall I just look to make sure they're getting exercise and playing with other kids. 

We stopped at the library on our way home from the gym.  We picked up the movie Annie and a few Paddington Bear books.  We saw the previews for the new Annie and the movie Paddington the other day when we went to see Big Hero 6 and I told the boys we could watch the old version of Annie that I grew up with.  It took me a few days to remember to request it from our library but it was ready for us today and so we went home to watch the movie, eat some popcorn and have some hot cocoa.

The perfect ending to a cold, rainy, December day! 

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