Friday, October 10, 2014

Movies, Cooking, and Stories

  We were spending our Friday morning waiting for the people to come and clean out our septic tank.  I had hoped to get some schoolwork done with the boys but I didn't have a real plan in place.  I'd like to say that's where I went wrong but we had such a good day that I just can't complain.  When I came downstairs my boys were all playing Minecraft together.  They figured out (on their own!) how to link all three Kindles and they were happily creating and destroying together.  They created a special world just for them to interact and play with.  They were laughing, shouting and giggling.  It was great and I was impressed that they figured out how to link Kindles.  I did it once for them but had to look up how to do it on Amazon and even with the directions it took me three tries to get it to work.  I both love it and hate it that they're getting more tech savvy than me.  I'm not very tech savvy at all so it's great that they're teaching themselves how to do all this stuff but I worry about them outwitting me as they get older. 
   We had gotten an old computer (for free!) the other night and we spent a good portion of our night last night trying to set it up and get it working which meant that our playroom/ office was all torn apart.  It was pretty late last night by the time my husband got the internet back up and working with both the new computer and my laptop so I woke to a mess in the playroom.  I decided it was a great time for the kids and I to clean out the playroom side and so we began dumping out toy bins and really analyzing what toys they play with and which ones they don't.  My impromptu cleaning session took hours and we happily got rid of 5 bags worth of toys and garbage.  It always amazes me how much "stuff" we accumulate from year to year!  But I was glad that the boys were reminded of some other toys that they had loved and lost track of over time. 
   As it was getting later and later and the boys were getting hungry, Ian offered to cook some apple pancakes for everyone.  Ian has never even made pancakes never mind apple pancakes but he loves the apple pancakes his grandmother makes and he was sure he could do it. He pulled out the cookbook and all the supplies and set to making a double batch of pancakes.  He asked me a few times if he had the right measuring spoon and double checked a few of the fractions he was doubling but for the most part he made them on his own.  I loved that he was adding and even reducing fractions without any anxiety, trouble or stress.  Ian convinced his brothers to help him in the kitchen and Ian asked Alec to peel the apples.  Alec pulled out the apple peeler and together they got it all set up and peeled and sliced apples to put into the batter.  Evan set the table and when it was time to finally cook the pancakes Ian asked me to teach him how.  We poured the batter, watched for bubbles and flipped the pancakes.  They were light and fluffy and, even though they had a few rather large pieces of apples in then, they were delicious! 

   We watched Muppets Most Wanted today while waiting around for the sanitation truck.  The boys are slowly coming around to the Muppets and since I just love them I was happy when they asked to watch this particular movie.  We did have to pause the movie for a bit when the sanitation truck arrived and both Ian and Evan wanted to go watch from the window.   Just making this appointment for today has prompted a lot of learning about septic tanks this week through general conversation and questions.   I'm always amazed at how many unplanned "lessons" take place throughout our week.
    Once the sanitation truck left we all got ready for lunch and we listened to another chapter in Harry Potter.  The boys have been amazed at the difference between this book and the movie.  Up until the Order of the Phoenix, I always thought the movies did a great job following along with the book, but so much happens in the Order of the Phoenix that got left out of the movie and the boys often want to talk it out.  I don't mind that the story is taking a little longer for us to read through since they are so engaged in what we are reading and making such great comparisons.  It's cute to see them light up as a new thought dawns on them and a part of the movie they were confused about finally makes sense.  Using the movie as a jumping off point they are making really great predictions about what is going to happen in the book. 
   Once we were done reading we loaded in the car and headed to my grandmother's house.  We listened to our book on CD in the car and we had to stop the disk a few times so Alec could tell us additional stories about some of the characters mentioned.  He had read so many Greek and Roman mythology books that he's like a walking encyclopedia.  I always love to hear his summaries of the stories he's read.  The boys were happy to see my grandmother.  Ian, in particular has been begging me to go see her ever since she called us Tuesday.  We've been so busy this season it's been harder to go and see her as often as we usually do.  It was nice to make time in our schedule and visit with her.  She remarked on how much they've all grown and kept asking me how old they were again and what grades they would be in if they were in school.  The boy had fun visiting with my gram, playing with her cat and eating her snacks. 
   As soon as we got home they started bickering and fighting and giving me attitude.  I sent them all to separate rooms and enjoyed a bit of quiet time (not super quiet though as Evan settled in the living room and watched Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.  He really loves to talk about everything he's watching and kept pointing out all the ways it was different from the books we're reading.  He went through all our DVD's and found the movie by himself.  He kept trying to read the titles and find one that started with P... he eventually found the movie and told me it only said Lightening Thief on it.  He showed me the words and I showed him where it did say Percy Jackson in smaller letters next to it but he was right; for the most part you would definitely notice The Lightening Thief first.   It was a nice low key day full of movies, stories and baking. 

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