Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Learning a new sport

  Today found my kids up ridiculously early and all gathered around the Wii.  I completely expected that and made sure to plan another light day of schooling today.  Alec had not had a chance to even so much as look at our WiiU yet and Evan spent a bit of time teaching Alec what he had learned last night.  It's unusual for someone to teach Alec anything about video games!  They had a great time learning all about the new worlds and powers in their Mario game.
    We read Orange Pear Apple Bear.  This is a great beginning reader book since there are only 5 words throughout the entire book.  It made Evan giggle and that made it all the better.  For English, spelling, and writing I had the boys work on Mad Libs together trying to make sure they each had at least one turn to answer and one turn to fill in.  Ian read Granddad's Fishing Buddy and Fantastic Sports Facts Racing and Orange Pear Apple Bear also while Alec read Come Out, Muskrats and Happy Like Soccer.  Alec also had a book from the library called Quest which had no words in it so after looking through it for a while he came to me and asked if he could tell me the story he made up to go with the pictures.  Evan and I paused in our math to listen to Alec's story.  It was cute, inventive and went along with the pictures rather nicely.
Alec working on Mad Libs with Evan

   I had a short day of school planned because we were heading out to learn a new sport and meet some new homeschoolers today.  We had the opportunity to take advantage of a free day of indoor rock climbing.  It was pretty far away from our house to we ate lunch along the way while listening to our book on CD.  We arrived to find an amazing gym completely dedicated to rock climbing!

    I was taking a class on belaying and they had a worker all ready to take the three boys right over to the wall and climb so they'd be occupied while I was being trained.  Ian was more comfortable coming with me and they encouraged him to take part in the class and learn all the knots and safety features of climbing too.  The boys had a wonderful afternoon of climbing and I have to say that belaying was more of a workout that I had thought!  My hands, arms and shoulders were a bit sore by the time we left 2 hours later.  The boys had sore muscles too since rock climbing is quite the workout.  They tried out several different spots on the wall and every climbing spot is designed to be different and offer different challenges.  They had to problem solve as they climb and communicate with the person the floor belaying them.  It was a great experience and it was so neat to see a whole gym full of other homeschoolers of all ages (not that we knew any of them but it's so neat to see just how many homeschoolers there are and not feel alone!)
getting ready to climb

Ian learning to make the knots

His completed knots

Evan climbing

Evan made it to the top!

Alec climbing

Alec made it to the top too!

Ian tried a few times on a few different courses but only made it part way up

We tried one last wall and Ian made it all the way to the top; That's me
belaying down in front. 

I think he's tired... 

       In learning a new sport today we all learned a lot:

  1. The importance of communication
  2. How to stay safe
  3. How to tie knots
  4. To keep trying
  5. Practicing helps improve skills
  6. Mistakes happen and we can learn from them
  7. Thinking positive helps keeps us motivated to try
  8. It's important to celebrate our successes; not matter how small
  9. We all move and learn at a different pace
  10. There are MANY muscles in the human body
  11. Problem solving skills
  12. New vocabulary words

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