Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Long Weekend included LOTS of outdoors

  We had a fun but quiet Labor Day weekend.  Saturday found Ian and my husband in the woods cutting down a dead tree for us to cut up and use as fire wood this winter.  The younger two boys took off into a different part of our woods with their cousins and started working on a fort.  I tried to sit down and re-plan our school year.  I pulled out my calendar and made sure to put everything onto our school schedule this time and as I went to put in our schoolwork I marveled over how full the calendar already is for Sept. and Oct.   I came to the realization that "real" schoolwork may just have to be squeezed in around life for now and we'll hit the books pretty heavy this winter instead.  Feeling a bit discouraged I offered to help mu husband haul the cut logs over to our wood splitter.  Ian drove the mini excavator into the woods where they were working and I told my husband, that while I love hearing about all the equipment Ian drives after the fact, I REALLY don't enjoy watching him actually drive!  Mu husband smiled, asked why and told me "I taught him how to drive. He knows what he's doing."  I'm sure he does too but all I could think was "accidents happen."  Luckily, we had no accidents and Ian did an awesome job driving.  He'd pick up small tree trunks with the excavator and hold them in the air while my husband cut them down to size and then I loaded them in the back of our off road vehicle to haul back to our house. 
   In between trips we stopped to check in the younger kids and their cousins.  They happily played in the woods ALL day!  Ian wanted to join them after a while too and all 5 kids took off into the woods.  In between working on their fort they played spies and we could see them creeping around the edges of the forest laying down or hiding behind trees.  They'd whisper loudly to one another and run away when they saw us looking at them.  It was nice to see them all getting along and having some good old fashioned fun.  We showed them the woodpecker hole we found carved into a log and they showed me some rather large bugs they found.  We also found a baby snake in our wood pile and while checking it out we noticed how wide it can open it's mouth.  We talked about proper handling techniques and that it's best to stay away from them altogether. 

      Sunday found the two younger boys, once again, out in the woods with their cousins working on their fort and playing in the trees.  They had a ball and did not want to come home at all.  Evan was supposed to have a friend over, but after plans fell through, he ran back into the woods and we didn't see the boys until late afternoon!  Ian had taken off for the day and was working with his grandfather.  I went out mid-way through the day to check out the kids fort and it was pretty impressive.  The fort had been started by my nephew and his father but the boys all added moss to protect them from the rain and a few extra sticks to reinforce the fort and try to make sure no one could see them when they were inside it.  The boys spent the evening with my in laws while my husband and I attended a wake.  Alec was hard at work on loom bracelets when we dropped them off and we found the boys playing the card game war when we picked them up. 
the fort from behind

the fort from the side

      We woke on Labor Day and headed out to breakfast rather late in the morning.  We played hangman, and tic tac toe while waiting for our food.  We decided to have a cook out and invited my sisters and my parents over to hang out with us for the day at the lake.  The boys helped us do a quick grocery shopping and then we headed home.  While my husband an I made the food, the boys worked together to clean off the patio furniture.  We got the boat and jet ski ready and sat back to wait for our company.  Alec went inside and started watching a YouTube video on making a rainbow loom bracelet called Flora and Fauna.  He followed along with the video and taught himself to make this rather complicated bracelet.  The boys swam in the lake, went tubing and for jet ski rides.  They had lots of fun playing with their cousins.  Ian did a bit of fishing when it started getting dark and all the boys had fun roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.  It was a great ending to our weekend! 

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