Friday, September 12, 2014

Movie Screen School

  We were taking the day off from school today since we planned on going to the movies to see Dolphin Tale 2.  I had been hearing a lot about it through the homeschool community and there are even curriculum guides available for it through the homeschool movie club.  I'd love to say we've spent time going over the curriculum but I can't.  I'd love to say I was confident my boys would learn a lot by watching the movie, but I wasn't.  We were looking forward to having some fun and seeing our old pal Winter again.  Since the movie wasn't starting until after lunch we had the whole morning to get ready. 
   I didn't plan any other school work for today and had planned on letting the boys have a lazy Friday.  We have two parties at our house this weekend and I figured I'd be busy baking, cooking and cleaning.  I decided the house was clean enough, since I'd just have to clean it again after the party anyway but I did have a lot of baking to do.  I spent the morning making a couple of cakes and cupcakes as well as some waffles for breakfast.  I also have a fellow homeschool mom heading to have a baby today and so we made a double batch of waffles to share with her family, along with the cupcakes.  Lots of moms were signing up to bring dinner food but breakfast foods can be a real help too! I also wanted to make some muffins but I ran out of eggs and I ran out of time.   While I was busy baking up a storm the boys ate breakfast and watched the rest of the movie they had started last night.  They played a bit of Wii and watched a bit more TV but for the most part they were content to play once breakfast was over.  Ian went outside to dig in the sand, Evan played on the swing set for a bit and then him and Alec worked on turning our couch and coffee table into a fort using all their blankets. 
    I hopped on the computer to see if I could find some quick and fun games to play at Evan's birthday party and the next thing I knew I had a list of things I wanted to buy and started to REALLY plan an amazing party in my head.  This would have been great if I had the motivation to do it last week but for some reason inspiration struck this morning and so I dragged the boys along to several stores (all the while wondering if we'd make it to the movies at all!).  We picked up everything for all 8 games I had planned.  We had quite a few items we couldn't find and so as we shopped we modified games and though it was very stressful it was very educational.  We checked prices and figured out the cost of each game, we talked about sales tax, how to tie each game into one of the Skylanders characters since that is the theme of the party and did a lot of on the spot problem solving.   We probably even touched upon other things and subjects but I was just focused on getting the errands done and getting home as quickly as possible. 
    We arrived home from shopping with just enough time to empty the car and I tried to get my bearings.  Our easy, lazy day had turned quite stressful and I could tell no one was enjoying it-- most of all, me! I had the boys clean up their fort and the living room and while Ian waited for me to tell him to get in the car he started working on a giant floor puzzle.  He got it half-way made and Alec finished it up right before supper.  We got in the car and listened to The Mark of Athena in the car.  Ian was all excited to see the machines they use to help tipped tractor trailer trucks in real life as we drove.  He often watches the show Highway Thru Hell but we've never actually seen a rescue truck and crane helping to right a trailer up close before today.  The trucks were on an overpass above us and Ian was craning his neck to watch them work for as long as he could. 
    We arrived at the theatre and got our tickets and our snacks and settled down to watch our movie.  It was a cute story and we enjoyed it, even if it did kind of drag in through certain parts.  Sitting in  the darkened theatre with Evan cuddled on my lap and Alec resting his head on my shoulder beside me I just thought it was such a perfect moment that I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world.  We talked about the pictures and movie clips shown at the end of the film of the actual workers of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  The boys wanted to know where Clearwater was located on the map and if it was possible to visit there when we visit Orlando.  I offered to look it up on the map when we got home. 

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