Friday, September 5, 2014

Launching Our Weekend the Right Way!

  So after the last few frustrating days we were happy to see Friday come around.  Friday is supposed to be our day off from school.  It could be an errand day or a fun field trip day or a day to lie around and relax.  In a pinch Friday can even be a make up day if we take time off during the week.  However, after lots of thoughtful reflection on our week I'm pretty sure we're just going to end up falling back on our old schedule of math and reading/ language arts every day and squeezing in other subjects as we see fit or have the ambition and passion to pursue them.  I realized the boys were definitely sending me a message these past few days that they really don't like our geography study.  Either they aren't really interested in learning facts about all the different states or else they are not enjoying the books we're using to study them.  I'm thinking I'll back off on our state study a bit and use the post cards we receive to learn about each state as they ask questions or show interest.  If they're happy just getting the post cards and looking at the pictures while reading the short little message than that's OK.  It's still more exposure to each state and hopefully, through their lifetime we'll get more travelling in and they can make a more personal connection to geography. 
   Our first "fun Friday" found us spending our afternoon at Launch trampoline park. They run a homeschool special-- Friday's from 12:30- 3:00 each child can jump for just $10 and a parent can join in for free.  It seems to be a special that is offered at many of the Launch trampoline places.  We had planned to go watch a movie at our local library but the boys all unanimously decided that they'd rather go to the trampoline place.  My sister and my nephews were planning to join us and that just made the day even better!
   Ian spent the morning watching Mom's Night Out.  I had rented the movie for myself last night, needing a good laugh and since it was only rated PG the boys could watch it too if they wanted.  They thought it was funny and the younger two watched bits and pieces of it too in between Wii games.  We ran a few quick errands after the movie was done and came home for an early lunch.  I offered to read the first chapter in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.  You could have heard a pin drop they were so quiet.  They love this series and listen eagerly to each chapter, interjecting when they remember something from the movie or a previous book that pertains to what we're reading (so see, I know they can sit still and quietly listen when they want to). 
    We listened to some music in the car since Alec was reading a book and didn't want to put it down just yet.  He finished reading the book I am Arachne .  Once he finished reading we listened to The Son of Neptune.  By the time we arrived back home we had completed two more disks.  We're finding that we're making many more connections to the original Percy Jackson series this time around now that we've gone back and listened to all the book in order. 
    The boys had such a great time at the trampoline park.  When I was telling them about Launch and how much it cost then the older boys helped Evan count by 10's to see how much money we'd be spending.  Ian added in the cost of the socks and they came up with a budget for our day.  It was great.  We had stopped at the gas station before heading out and our gas attendant (with whom we have a great relationship) asked them what they'd be learning at the trampoline park.  When the boys told her it was phys. ed. she reminded them that it was also science- gravity, what goes up must go down, equal and opposite reactions, friction, etc.  We arrived right at 12:30 and immediately the boys started comparing Launch to Sky Zone and we found that we preferred Launch.  It could have just been that there were more kids there and so they had more fun, it could have been that their cousins were with them, or it might have been that all of the homeschoolers seemed perfectly fine with walking up to one another and striking up conversations, I'm not really sure but I do know they loved it.  The boys made some new friends and one of them even came over and introduced himself to me and my sister!  We had a great time jumping on the trampolines, playing dodge ball and jumping off the trampolines into the foam block pit.  We'll definitely be back for some seriously fun exercise another Friday. 
Evan gets air born jumping into the pit

Climbing back out gets pretty tricky!  Those blocks sure have
a lot of friction. 

Ian was jumping off the side wall and teaching me
lots of new moves all day.

Alec and Evan played dodge ball quite a bit today. 

    Once home, Ian went upstairs to watch TV while Alec and Evan spread out the loom  bands around the living room and used my computer to teach themselves to make new bracelets.  Evan is still working on his Frozen bracelet and finished the inner part while Alec started making a butterfly bracelet.  He got a kit of bands from his cousin today who no longer uses then and re-inspired Alec to try and challenge himself with some new bracelets. 

   Evan practiced some of his karate moves and tried to balance himself on his arms while leaning up against the wall.  This is a strength building exercise that his old do jang used to do and he has fun challenging himself and seeing how long he can stay that way.  He brought his nun chucks along with him and practiced "being a ninja!"

   The younger boys cleaned up their stuff and settled down on the couch to watch an episode of Wild Kratts.  They re-watched the episode with the cheetah cub and the honey badger.   After dinner the boys did their chores and cleaned the kitchen.  Ian went outside to ride his bike while the younger two pulled out our dry erase markers and drew/ wrote on our windows.  All in all I couldn't complain about our day.  They got tons of exercise today, lived science at the trampoline park (and added a bit more science learning in with their TV viewing), listened to stories/ read books, worked on arts and crafts, and even did a bit of math! 

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