Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soaring to New Heights!

The boys were beside themselves with excitement yesterday morning.  We headed out to try an indoor aerial obstacle course.  We've had a Groupon for Soar Indoors that we bought at the end of the spring and we were waiting for the summer crowds to pass.

We were at Soar Indoors for almost 3 hours.  The boys LOVED it.  I participated with them too and it was a lot of fun.  We were all started on the lower course that's only 2 1/5 feet off the ground.  We are responsible for moving our own harness clips around and the time on the lower course is to make sure that we all have the hang of it before heading to the upper course that is 12 feet off the ground. 

Evan, Ian and myself found the lower course plenty challenging enough and just stuck to that.  I don't think Evan stopped once.  He became a master at clipping himself in and moving himself through that course! 

Evan went first and jumped right on. 
like being a tight rope walker!

Alec went immediately to the top as soon as he completed the lower course and picked some of the most challenging portions of the course to try out.  He did amazing!

 We're all very anxious to go back and try it again.  Learning new things and broadening our horizons was a perfect way to spend our day and it certainly didn't hurt knowing our local town started back to school today and we were out having a great day!

we just about had the room to ourselves today!

Ian had lots of fun balancing across the bridge

Alec starts on the upper course

watching him 12feet off the ground made me so
Alec's perseverance amazed me!

Evan's favorite part was the zip-line! 

he certainly did not inherit my fear of heights!

Look at that smile! 

We arrived home in time for all the boys to take a quick jet ski ride with their grandmother before she headed out for work.  They then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing together.  I heard them pretending each other had a concussion or else had jumped into poison and they "rescued" one another with their boogie boards.  They had fun and all got along so well.

I couldn't help but marvel at how lucky we are to soak up these last few summer days and store away these memories.  It sure was a hot day and it was so nice to keep cool.

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