Friday, August 29, 2014

Lazy Lake Days.

   We spent our morning yesterday cleaning the house a bit before heading out to get some much needed grocery shopping done.  The boys kept asking me what time it was all morning long since they were anxious to get to kids group and see all our friends.  They passed the time away playing video games, watching TV, using their Bloonies, and Alec tried making a few new pictures on his Light Bright type toy.  He explained to me that it was the ocean with waves, and showed Persephone's garden.  It was quite creative. 
    We arrived at the park and were so happy to find 4 other families came out for this park day.  The kids happily swam, played together, ran around and learned to play touch football.  They played for 4 hours and still did not want to leave!  It was fun to watch the kid break off into small groups, regroup and break off into smaller groups.  All the kids go along great and I never heard one single complaint or argument-- I was great!  Us moms had fun talking to one another and comparing notes on our homeschool goals and lessons.  We talked about some plans for the coming year too.   On our way out of the park we noticed an old pay phone and Alec had so much fun playing with it as us moms talked about what a pay phone is, how much they used to cost and all our memories of them.  Seems so odd to see them nowadays with cell phones abound!

  We ran home and got Alec all ready for soccer.  He had his first practice last night.  He was happy to find that many of the boys on his team were the same ones from two years ago when he played.  He looked like he was enjoying himself and he told me he had fun.  The other two boys played in an empty goal with my husband and an extra soccer ball.  They climbed the hill near the field and had fun climbing on the rocks too. 
   I was thinking back over our week and marveling at all the new experiences we had; a new karate class, boogie boarding on the waves; trying out an aerial obstacle course, etc. and wondering how I can continue to do new things with the boys and still balance in our schoolwork.  I wasn't all that worried about not having done much real schoolwork this week as we hadn't planned on starting school until after labor day anyway but I was thinking we didn't have nearly enough field trip time scheduled into our planner.  I'm trying to take a few weeks to really think about what I want our school year to look like and how I want to revamp it before I dig in again.
    For now, I was content to realize that we still did a lot of reading; we've almost finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we've almost finished listening to The Son of Neptune, Ian read 6 picture books to himself over the course of two nights and Alec has almost finished his latest chapter book, as well as having read a few picture book too.  Evan has been reading signs galore as we walk and ride around in the car.  Some of the signs he "reads" are more obvious like Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, but the other day we turned around in the parking lot of store called My Dogs and he asked out loud "does that sign say My Dogs?"  He's starting pointing out labels on bags, shoes and supplies too.  Something must  be clicking there!   I remembered when Evan started doing math out loud in the drive through the day we left Soar Indoors.  "Mom, if I have 100 + 100 that's 200 right?  And 200 + 100 is 300"  He also tried to subtract a bit too.  "300- 100 is 200 then and 100- 100 is zero just like 300- 300 is zero."  His brothers soon joined in and asked him if he knew 300- 1 and expanded on other math patterns.  Spending so much time outdoors has led to many natural science discoveries too.  I know I just need to relax and observe the learning that they're already doing and know that any extra learning I get to impart is just that-- extra! 

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