Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Banding together

   Yesterday afternoon my niece wandered over to our house and started teaching Alec how to make a starburst bracelet using his rainbow loom.  She mentioned that she learned a lot of techniques on YouTube and then all the boys were off and playing with their cousins.  Later last night Ian asked if I could look up how to make the bracelets without using the loom so we went on YouTube together and learned a quick way to make the fishtail bracelets.  He spent the rest of the night working on a necklace.
    As soon as the boys woke up they picked up their kit of bands and their loom and went to work.  Alec and I watched a YouTube video on starburst bracelets to try and finish up his while Ian went to work on his necklace.  He soon realized he was going to run out of bands so he shortened it to a bracelet and proceeded to make many more.  Later in the day Alec asked Ian to show him how to weave bracelets without the loom and Ian was happy to teach him.  It was nice to see them working together on a common interest and getting along so nicely!

All the bracelets he made this morning

Teaching Alec to finger weave before lunch
     I had to go grocery shopping and they asked if they could bring the bands and loom in the car.  I warned them to be careful not to drop it in the car but agreed they could work on them while we were gone.  We listened to our book on CD while driving too and stopped at a local park for a quick walk.  I'm so impressed that we've managed to get a 15-20 min. walk in most every single day.  Today we got to see golden finches and ducks.  I had the boys get near the cattails and feel them too.  We saw water lilies, water fountains and a hornet's nest (that we gave a rather wide berth to).  The boys also stopped to examine a birch tree.  I had no idea  quick walk around the pond would include so much nature study!

   After grocery shopping we came home and I warned the boys that I had a lot to do.  I told them they would be in charge of their own schoolwork today and reminded the older boys that they had a birthday cake and some brownies to make.  They read the instructions on the boxes (sorry, I'm just usually a "from scratch" kind of gal) and they measured out their ingredients. 

Evan and Alec worked together to make the tie dyed cake colorful 

   While his brothers were working on baking, Evan pulled out his two Star Wars workbooks and worked on a math page with half fractions and then worked in his language arts book on the letters Y and W.  He finished just in time to help Alec mix the colors into the batters for the tie dyed cake and pour them into the pan.  We had a great lesson on using primary colors to make secondary colors!
   Ian pulled out his extreme dot to dot book and Alec sat at the table working on his color by number book.  They took a break to get all their lunches ready and while we ate I read the next chapter in Harry Potter.  As soon as they were done eating they went right back to work and Ian managed to finish another one of his pictures.  Alec came pretty close to completing his too but we decided to head outside and finish working on the t-shirt the boys had started yesterday.
starting his color by number page

   Once outside they set to work on finishing up the shirt and noticed our cat was chasing something on our beach.  Upon closer inspection we found that it was a baby snake.  It escaped from the cat by going in the water and we were all surprised it could swim.  We checked out the patterning on it and Evan go close enough to see it's forked tongue. 

   The boys completed their shirt and got ready for karate.  Alec was on fire with all the Korean terminology today in class and was complimented on his knowledge.  Ian got some compliments too on how much his kicks have improved and how much higher he can get them.  I'm hoping that will motivate him to keep going since he's been telling me he wants to quit.  The class learned all about samurai warriors today and got to take home a coloring sheet that they can complete and return for prizes as part of a coloring contest. 

   On the way home we stopped at the library and the boys all read books on the car ride back to our house.  Alec had spent some time trying to find books on samurai warriors so he could make his picture as accurate as possible, but we had to settle for some Google images since we couldn't find any books that had a good picture of samurai in their gear.  The boys were thrilled to find out that a bunch of books and movies we had requested came in and we spent the remainder of the night watching Jason and The Argonauts and working on their coloring contest pictures.  It was a very busy day and we managed to accomplish quite a bit; even if I can't put my finger on the exact school subjects covered I know they were engaged and engrossed in their learning much of the day so I can't complain. 

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