Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just another day in the life...

    I took advantage of a mostly empty house on Monday morning to clean and get caught up on laundry.  I was just about done all my housework when the boys returned home and we headed out to pick up a few things at the store.  We listened to Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters and Evan told the boys he had watched the movie while I was cleaning house.  The movie is so much different from the book and he was telling us how things happened in the movie. 
   Once home from the store I put some food together and asked the boys to pick out some labeled "schoolwork" to do for the day.  Ian picked a page in his math book about figuring miles per hour and elapsed time.  The problems were short little word problems and he called me over to ask if he had to show his work or if he could just write down the answers.  Since he already knew the answers to the first three problems by the time I got there and was able to explain how he knew I told him to just write down the answers.  Evan too chose to work in his math book and completed two pages on squares.  I love that he LOVES his math book, but I'm so disappointed in the level of work in this first grade math book. I think, so far anyway, everything has been more of a pre-k level. 

    While the other two boys were working on math, Alec chose to pick another page in Draw Write Now and learned how to draw a toucan.  He quizzed us, once again, and asked if we knew if the birds' beaks were light or heavy.  Once we all made a guess, Alec told us that Toucans have hollow beaks so they're very light.  He also asked me to check and see if they make a Mythical or Greek God version of Draw Write Now so he could learn how to draw some of the things we read about in Percy Jackson.  Unfortunately, they don't make a book like that, but I did find this book that I ordered.  I figure if he wants to use them for writing practice and not just to draw I can always help him come up with a few sentences like we did with his lesser panda page.

     All the boys went on to do some reading once they had their math and writing work all done.  Ian came down talking about a book he had read in his room and telling us about how silly it was.  Intrigued, Alec sat down to read it and read it out loud to Evan.  While Alec was reading, Ian went to play outside in the sand with his trucks.  The book was called Kel Gilligan's Daredevil Stunt Show.   It was funny and we laughed at what Kel Gilligan considered stunts-- like eating broccoli, going to the bathroom, getting dressed on his own, etc.  The best was the gasps and claps from his "audience" of parents and grandparents. 

    Evan then sat down and read one of his little books to me.  We read The Loose Tooth and he did a pretty good job with most of the book.  They are getting longer and most pages have three sentences per page.  The books are still nice and repetitive though so he's able to predict them quite well and we don't have to stop a lot for sounding things out. 
   Once everyone was done school for the day, I thought we'd head outside and swim some more but the older boys wanted to watch Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters too so we sat down to watch the movie and even elected to skip reading Harry Potter during lunch so we could finish up the movie.  Once the movie was over we did read some of Harry Potter and then headed outside.  With school considered officially over for the day the boys were off in all different directions. 
    I brought out all our paints; both the Karo syrup and the sweetened condensed milk ones, along with some plain white paper and paintbrushes.  I have found that just setting them up on the table outside invites the kids to paint whenever they feel like it.  I hope to bring down different kinds of paints, papers, and even t-shirts over the summer to keep them painting.  I was amazed at how much art Alec and Evan chose to do today.  Alec drew a chariot pulled by a pegasi, the mark of Athena, and Poseidon's trident.  Evan told me he drew Thalia's tree protecting the camp, and a sign about the mean girl Clarice. 


The mark of Athena

Chariot and Pegasus

" Thalia's tree helps shield the camp" (Thalia's tree
 is the big triangle at the bottom, the large circle of all green in the
other corner is the shield and the rest I'm not too sure of)

"mean girl daughter of Aries, Clarice"

     The boys all went for jet ski rides and played in the water for a bit.  Evan took out the homemade chalks we had made and drew a trident on our big rock in our front yard.  Ian rode his bike, and Alec just kept painting and listening to his MP3 player.  Evan decided he was tired and wanted to go lay down in his room and he ended up taking an hour and a half nap in the late afternoon.  To keep quiet while he was sleeping, his older brothers decided to watch quite a few shows we had taped on DVR from the Travel Channel.  They watched Cool Pools, Extreme Waterparks, and Extreme Roller Coasters. 
Alec just tries to reach the spray of water

Ian is practicing making donuts

Evan's new thing is to ride with his arm

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