Monday, June 23, 2014

Rewarding hard work

   My boys love amusement parks and so we participate in Six Flag's Read to Succeed program.  This was our second year completing the required hours of reading and in doing so the boys (and me as their teacher) all earn free passes for a day to Six Flags.  Today was the first day to redeem and since the weather forecast was looking so favorable we decided to go.  My husband took the day off and we had a wonderful family fun day at the park.  There weren't that many people there and we had little to no lines for any of the rides, we ate tons of junk food, and met a few characters.  We re-rode favorite rides from last year and checked out a few new ones.  They quickly realized that this second trip was not quite as awe inspiring as the first and their enthusiasm started petering out after lunch.  We watched a magic show (where my husband got called onto stage), went on two last rides, picked out some souvenirs and headed home to watch Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief (since we finished our book on CD today). 
   When my youngest asked if today was supposed to be a school day I said yes and asked what they had learned today.  They quickly replied "nothing!"  I reminded them that they had learned that hard work has it's rewards.   I reminded them that all of the rides were also science in motion; we lived newton's laws, trajectory, equal and opposite forces, friction, etc.  My boys answered that they already learned all that stuff so I just shrugged and threw up my hands.  I'm sure if I really wanted to think about it I could find SOMETHING that they learned today but hey,  a fun family day was all I was after anyway! 
These two love Catworman's Whip; we rode it
three times in a row. 

Alec does not like flume rides so he wore my sweatshirt
in hopes of staying dry (it didn't work!)

We ALL got soaked! 

Snack time

After 4 snack stands we finally found Cookies
and Cream Dippin' Dots!

Ian met Scooby and Scrappy

The younger boys went driving

They got lots of practice

They thought daddy was a riot on stage

Alec drank his melted snow cone; like a Hummingbird!

Evan now has a Robin cape to go with his Batman cape

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