Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins,

My boys spent their Friday with their cousins-- lots of them! 

We started out the morning with a drive to the Rhode Island shoreline to watch my sister's two boys.  We ended up spending the whole day and the five boys had so much fun together.  We walked to a nearby park, looked at the fountains, ducks, flowers, and worms.  We went to the library (which was three whole floors!) and my boys were so excited to find out that their library has the same summer reading program theme as our library.  They looked at books, played on the furniture and then we walked back to my sister's. 

They played with Legos, watched some new shows and learned how to play Call of Duty (I know this is quite violent and probably not at all age appropriate for my boys but they loved it and I thought.... hmm... time to start learning about wars!). 

Once my sister arrived home we took all the boys to a local playground and they ran, played, jumped and got all their energy out.  We saw spiders, bugs, birds, nests, and even a bird egg shell.  They had a blast. 

Once home the boys jumped in the lake and within 10 minutes my father in law stopped by with two of my nieces and offered to take all of the kids on a boat ride and tubing.  I was wiped out and grateful for the break so I sat this ride out.  All three of my boys went tubing though and loved it!  Alec came home all proud of how long he managed to stay on the tube before deciding to get back into to the boat.  Alec and Evan aren't usually the tubing kind and prefer to be in the boat rather than in the tube, but they had fun with their cousins and all the kids willingly took turns. 

They all went for jet ski rides (the first of the season for my boys), made up a new game similar to the javelin throw in the Olympics, and just had fun playing with their cousins. 
Somehow even with our super busy day we found time to read another chapter in Harry Potter, we also read another chapter to each boy at bedtime in a book of their choosing and listened to a lot more of our Percy Jackson book on the way to and from my sisters.  The boys are going to be so excited to find that we're recording Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters on the DVR! 

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