Monday, June 30, 2014

Artists weekend by the lake

  I was so glad to see my boys finally doing some art this weekend!

  We didn't have much planned and since it was so nice and sunny out we decided to just hang out down on our patio and swim.  I brought out some art supplies and the boys painted a little bit both days. 

On Saturday we made sweetened condensed milk paint (something Alec has been asking me to do with him for a while).  We opened a jar of condensed milk and divided it into three bowls.  We then added food coloring to each bowl until we had a color we liked. He painted a pink river dolphin playing in the river on a sunny day.

Sweetened Condensed Milk Paint

Alec's finished masterpiece

We woke Sunday and headed outside.  It was a nice, sunny, cool morning on the lake and we were anxious to spend it relaxing having some summer fun. 

After breakfast, Ian helped his dad put our sprinkler system pump into the lake and get our lawn sprinklers up and running.  Then Ian headed off on his bike to his grandmother's cabin and helped her do some painting.  Alec brought his MP3  player out and started working on memorizing every single word in Let It Go while singing along at the top of his lungs. 

We made Karo corn syrup paints.  We mixed up clear corn syrup with some of our liquid watercolor paints to make a few vibrant colors. 

I then printed off some stained glass coloring pages from The Benson Street webpage and Alec sat down to happily work on coloring in a beautiful butterfly.  Pretty soon he was joined by both brothers and all the kids had fun painting with the shiny paints. 

    After painting, Evan helped his dad clear out a spot of land near the water to put up our hammock.  He worked on learning the different gears, buttons and levers in the excavator.  They flattened out a nice shady spot and we put up our hammock. 

We had lots of extra company and played in the water, on (and under) the hammock, went for boat rides, jet ski rides, and spent a portion of the day at their grandmother's cottage jumping off the floating dock.  

I was struck by how much each of my boys have grown and developed this summer:

  • Alec can now hold his breath from one end of the pool to another without once coming up for breath.  
  • Evan can swim for much longer distances without needing a break.  
  • Ian will drive the jet ski (with an adult sitting right behind him to oversee) and is getting much better at determining when to turn, which direction to steer himself, and which speeds are safe.  He looks so grown up coming back to shore after a short drive around the lake.  
My babies are growing up!  It was another idyllic summer day filled with lots of great family memories.  The two older boys ended up finishing off their weekend with some sleepovers.

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