Thursday, May 15, 2014


   We started our morning off right-- with an ice cream sundae party!  My kids were thrilled to know what we were celebrating their accomplishments and hard work today but I think it was made all the more special because we had our ice cream for breakfast.  In our house this is pretty huge and shows all of MY growth since starting homeschooling.  I used to be a "rule" person; our house was shrouded in rules (and we still have quite a few) but I've learned to loosen up some and I find these unexpected times I announce things like "who wants an ice cream sundae for breakfast?" make for the best memories.  The boys were beside themselves laughing, talking and piling toppings onto their creations.  Other than scooping the ice cream for them they wanted no help in making their sundaes.  They each had quite the towering pile of sweets by the time they finished putting them together and we had quite a few messes on the table and floor but it's all part of the fun and the process.  I grabbed the camera and just snapped away. 

Evan loves sprinkles and Oreos!

Ian has a waffle bowl and a cone!

Alec made a whipped cream and sprinkle tree (he even
made up a story about his food!)

   While they dug into their sundaes (and as I was eating mine) I read some more of our Harry Potter book and we talked again about how different things are in the book and in the movie.  Ian then went to re-watch the second Harry Potter movie while the younger two boys played the Lord of the Rings Lego game on Wii.
  We eventually got dressed and made it out to visit my mother and drop off her mother's day gift.  The younger boys brought some Pok√©mon stuffed animals and kept themselves entertained using my mom's hairdryer (as the wind) and a few flashlights (as the sun, the moon and even as the Bat signal).  My oldest son was dying to try out the new Libman Freedom mop we brought her and ended up washing her floors for her using some vinegar and water. 
   We went out to lunch together and the boys were watching snippets of the news while we ate.  They asked about wild fires and what other kinds of "nature" things they have in California.  Being fluent in my kids vocabulary I knew what they meant and we talked about earthquakes, tsunamis and wild fires a bit.  They all swore they'd never live in California and I explained that all part of our nation (and the globe really) have their own weather patterns and storms that various people are afraid of and that there are even people who think blizzards are scary and would not want to live in New England because of them.  They could not fathom what the big deal about a blizzard would be and proceeded to debate the merits of blizzards, tsunamis, earthquakes, twisters, and the like. 
   After lunch we headed home, happily listening to more of the Mark of Athena along the way.  Once home I went on the computer and ordered the next book in the series.  We only have about a disk and a half left in this story and the boys are already thinking ahead to the next book.  They went of to play with blocks, watch movies and play video games.  It was rainy and a bit cooler out so they were happily enjoying some free screen time without mom nagging them to "TURN IT OFF!"  Another fabulous day of unschooling. 

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