Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello Sunshine!

     We were having one of those days where all the boys bickered, fought and said nasty things to each other.  By 9am I was ready to call it a day and wondering if it was too soon for some wine or a mixed drink.  It didn't help matters any that I knew these bad moods were partly my fault.  We've had a few late nights in a row and Evan, in particular, is not one for sleeping in later the next day.  He was overtired and cranky at the heart of most arguments.  Luckily the day started getting slowly better.  The younger boys were anxiously waiting for the "Ups" man (as they refer to him) to come and drop off their new Skylanders game.  I warned then with the behavior they were all showing me no one was going allowed to play it anyway.  Next thing I knew it was quiet as could be in the house. 
     Ian decided to take advantage of the sunny weather to go outside and work on creating a whole new world on our beach.  He took out some paper, sketched out what he wanted his road to look like and started getting to work on construction.  Evan eventually wandered outside and asked if he could help.  Ian put him to work using the shovel and the dump truck (the two tools Evan really wanted to use) and they worked together very nicely for quite a while.

    Alec locked himself in his room, opened his blinds and laid in the sun reading an entire chapter book in just a few hours.  Though it was finally sunny it was still rather chilly since it was only in the upper 40's in the morning and I have to say I could feel a definite temperature difference when I walked into his room to see what he was up to.  I thought that was pretty smart and would have loved to curl up with him in the sun and warm up.  Once he finished his book, he continued to play by himself until lunch.  He hauled out stuffed animals, a mini pool table he had gotten for his birthday, some of his colored duct tape and other assorted toys.  I'm not entire sure what he was doing but he was happy so I left him to it. 
    Evan came inside and wanted to help me out in my craft room.  He wanted to push the buttons on my Cricut while I was working on some scrapbooking pages.  I was careful not to show him which buttons to punch but just to say them out loud (making him try to read and decode the different buttons).  He asked me if he should stop it at one point and actually pointed at the stop button.  I asked him how he knew that was stop and he spelled " S-T- O-P it says stop.  I just know."  I pointed out to him that he was reading and I gave him a hug and a high five.  He shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal and told me he read the word snap the other day.  He always claims it's just a good guess and no matter what I do I can't seem to make him understand that all of these things are reading.  Maybe he's not reading great big books on his own yet but he is reading slowly and surely. 
     We all migrated outside, lured by the sunshine and nicer temperatures (and by nicer I mean it felt like fall and not winter... but still not like spring.  I miss spring!).  The boys took turns playing on the swings.  I can't believe how much they play on that swing set now that we've gotten one more swing!  I had to referee at times and talk about taking turns but for the most part they were having a lot of fun. 

   Ian asked me if he could try out the wood burning tool we got from a relative last week and so I set him up outside, talked about all the safety features, gave a quick demonstration of how it works and talked about what he wanted to make.  He decided to draw a pocketbook onto a piece of wood and trace it.  He did an awesome job and the younger two boys were fascinated watching Ian.  They wanted a turn too and while I was supremely nervous someone was going to get hurt I offered to let them try.  They both got some scrap wood and each drew a sword to try and burn.  When Ian was done I helped Evan get his started, holding my hand over his I showed him how to move it slowly, talked about where to safely keep his hands, and re- iterated that he was not to touch any of the metal parts.  He was getting frustrated and having a hard time staying on the lines.  He did end up burning himself and we ran his hand under cold water.  Luckily, I couldn't even see a mark on him.  He decided he was done for the day (Thank Goodness!) and Alec sat down to take his turn.  He was doing a really nice job but kept managing to get tangled in the cord and ultimately ended up touching his finger to the metal too.  He told me he wasn't burned or anything and didn't need to run his hand under water or anything but that he didn't want to finish his project either.  Ian offered to finish them up for both his brothers and they thought that was just perfect.  He had the concentration for it and enjoyed himself so much he's already planning his next project.

Ian's completed pocketbook (which he gave to me)

Concentrating on his work

The completed swords



        All the boys worked together to make lunch today.  They wanted cheeseburgers and hot dogs.  Since no one was entirely sure how to cook hot dogs I talked them through it.   Alec defrosted all the buns while Ian cooked the burgers and Evan cooked the hot dogs.  Ian set the table, Evan pulled out drinks and Alec got out all the condiments.  As they all settled down to eat with some fresh fruit and veggies we listened to another chapter in Harry Potter.   The boys interrupted me a few times to remind
    After lunch all the boys wanted to play baseball in the front lawn.  I started off by pitching to them all as they batted.  Eventually both Alec and Ian wanted to try their hand at pitching too.  We had a few complaints here and there over batting order or over who was pitching but for the most part we had a really nice game.  Evan practiced throwing the ball like a pro with his knee up in the air and everything.  He managed to get the ball where he wanted it to go several times and I thought Alec and Ian did a decent job of pitching. 

    Evan and Ian headed off with my husband to get their hair cut and then go grocery shopping while Alec and I went to karate and then spent the night pouring over the chart of Skylanders, examining the new figures and setting everything up so that they could all play Skylanders once they had a chance.  The minute Evan walked in the door they were examining the poster of Skylanders figures, reading all the names and taking note of the type of each, then they picked out which guy they wanted to play and dove right in.  Ian spent his night on the computer looking up new truck toys on a new website he managed to find that is dedicated to all sorts of toy trucks.  I wasn't aware that he even knew how to do an internet search!  We wrapped up our night with some reading.  Each of the boys spends some one on one time with my husband or myself and we'll take turns reading to them and listening to them read to us. 

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