Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baking, Hiking and Ship Building

    Knowing  we had a kids day today with our homeschool group (and I had a million household/ Mother's day things hanging over my head waiting to get done) I figured we wouldn't be doing anything for school this morning.  I pretty much left the boys to themselves but within no time of them waking I was asked to come help supervise while Ian made us all waffles.  He, once again, made a double batch and wanted me in the room so he could make sure he was doubling all the measurements correctly.  He read through the recipe by himself and followed all the directions.  He still has a hard time remembering how to double 1 3/4 but other than that he was just fine and we all had nice delicious waffles for breakfast.  Yum!

    While the boys were eating I offered to read a bit more of Harry Potter and we ended up finishing the book.  The boys compared the ending of the book to the ending of the movie and they're all anxious to start on book 2!  We packed our lunches (where all three boys took turns using a vegetable peeler and peeling our cucumbers and carrots with just a short lesson on how to use it) and the boys headed off to get dressed and ready for the day.  They played in their rooms until it was time to leave building things using their Lego sets and using their imagination to play with whatever they built. 

     Once at the park we went on the swings and played in the playground.  We hiked through the chasm, squeezed through the corn crib, slid down the sliding rock and had a ball!  We examined "new" rocks that we had not seen before, noticed trees that looked like they might have gotten struck by lightening, and observed how the chasm changes over time.  We talked, played and connected with other homeschoolers.  We did NOT want to leave because we were all having so much fun.  It was great. 

Higher and higher!

    We were in the car quite a bit today travelling to our group activity and then traveling to karate class so we got to listen to quite a lot of our book.  The boys are really enjoying the Mark of Athena.  Ian is enjoying it so much he's decided to build his own Argo II ship on Minecraft.  He's finished the outside of the ship, it's engine room, the bedrooms and the bathroom and he's started on the middle level.  He couldn't wait to show it off to all of us and I have to say I was very impressed. 

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