Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The plane! The Plane!

We had a fun family field trip planned for the day!  I love when we can take our learning on the road.  A large part of why we homeschool is so that we can make learning fun and hands on.

A local museum was having a homeschool day and we have been eager to check it out.  

We knew we'd get to see many planes up close and interact with real life pilots!  It's a wonderful way to make history come alive. 

While I was up packing lunches and preparing for our outing today, Evan came down and kept me company in the kitchen.  I had pulled down some snacks and reading the box Evan told me there had been "15" in there.  It was really 50 (for some reason he continues to confuse these two numbers) so I reminded him that a 1 and a 5 is a 15.  He told me that if there were 50 and then someone took a bag out there would only be 49 left.  I asked him if he knew how many would be left if two bags were taken out... he thought for a while and said "48.  And if someone took out three bags there would only be 47."  Look who's learning subtraction!  I swear these little moments where they show me what they're learning out of the blue are more rewarding than all the accurately completed lessons I try to teach them. 

We watched and episode of Wild Kratts and learned all about the black footed ferrets while eating breakfast and getting ready to head out for a field trip.  (Squeezing a bit of science into our day!)

The New England Air Museum was having a homeschool day today and we were heading there to check it out.  It's a museum I've been wanting to take the boys to but one that we just hadn't gotten around to yet so this was the perfect  opportunity.  My husband even took the day off from work to join us and that made the boys doubly excited this morning.

On our long car ride we enjoyed listening to The Son of Neptune, the second book in the Heroes of Olympus story.  The boys also worked on extreme dot to dot books, color by number and Sudoku puzzles.  We had to stop the CD a few times so the boys could ask questions, tell us their predictions, or just remind us of something that happened in the last story that related to a certain passage.  We all had a harder time with this story since we tend to think of the gods in their Greek forms and not their Roman forms but a few Google searches helped us set them straight in our  minds.

Once at the museum we explored for 4 1/2 hours! 

  • The boys got to sit in planes and helicopters
  • Talk to the actual pilots who flew these planes
  • Take turns in flight simulators 
  • Participate in a building wide scavenger hunt that encouraged them  to read various signs highlighting key features of the exhibits.  
  • We watched a show on the principles of flight and each of the boys got called up to participate in different aspects of the demonstration.  
  • The boys all made a paper airplane using Styrofoam plates (I guess I should have said Styrofoam airplanes!) and had fun flying them around the hanger.  
Some of our highlights (I took 49 pictures!):

Ian loved all the model planes they had throughout the whole building

getting to sit in a cockpit and learning about all the controls

checking out the weapons! (after all, they are boys!)

getting to try landing a plane at an airport

touring a WWII bomber plane

taking a quiz on famous pilots like Amelia Earhart, the Wright Brothers,
Charles Lindbergh, etc.

Learning about space travel and how spacesuits work

Learning how hot air balloons work

There it goes!

demonstrating air pressure

Evan could really feel the air pressure when they sucked all the air
out of the garbage bag

Ian participated in another air pressure test

learning how "lift" occurs

pedaling a mini plane

learning about blimps

Following Earhart's path around the globe

More about blimps, dirigibles and zeppelins

"piloting" a helicopter  

More cock pit training! 
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