Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Farmer's Cow

We spent a sunny Saturday at a Connecticut farm learning about local farming, diary farming, and agriculture.  I took the two younger boys and met up with my sister and nephew at Graywall Farm.  They were having a spring celebration and had opened up the farm for a fun day of tours, hayrides, free samples, crafts and family fun.

  •  We pet baby goats, calves, sheep, and chickens.  
  • We tried: 
  1.  fresh cheese that they make right there on the farm
  2.  Farm's cow ice cream
  3.  chocolate and plain milk
  4.  iced tea
  5. lemonade.  
  • We made butter
  • planted bean plants
  • decorated some eggs 
  • had some silly pictures taken with the board they had set up
  • toured the farm
  • learned about the different types of feed they use for each type/age of cow
  • we learned about natural farming methods
  • learned about artificial insemination & selective breeding practices
  • saw how cows are milked, when they are milked, and why they are milked. 

Evan did NOT like the smell of the barns

All the pregnant cows

Only part of their cows

In the milking barn

Petting the baby goats

Yummy! Free ice cream samples

Lemonade, milk and iced tea samples

The solid waste that they re-use for the cow bedding

Enjoying the sights of the countryside from the hayride

Petting chickens and learning about eggs

Making butter-- Shake, shake, shake!

Planting bean plants

decorating eggs

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