Monday, April 14, 2014

Purgatory Chasm

   It was another sunny day here (well, it was sunny by the END of the day anyway) and so we headed out with the boys for a fun family hike.  The boys have been asking me to go back to Purgatory Chasm and they like it best when we hike with dad because he doesn't make them stay on the marked trails like I do.  We thought they'd be excited; we were wrong.  They grumbled a bit but finally got ready and we headed out just in time to arrive for lunch.  We hiked one side of the Chasm and stopped to watch a group of fire fighters running a drill across the chasm.  It was neat to see all the roped slung across and tied from tree to tree.  We also got to watch them attach their lines, hooks, and cables up to it and ferry supplies across.  We even got to see them send a guy across!  We finished hiking along the top of the chasm and followed some other trails out to the brook and waterfall.  We stopped for some lunch and then decided to try hiking along the brook to see where it started.  We noticed unusual shaped trees, some more "green" trees, red rocks, an area of fur (where we think a deer must have been attacked), and lots of parts of the path where the water must have been running when it was high melt/ rain time. We hiked out the chasm, played in the playground for a bit and then headed back into the chasm.  We hiked through the chasm and went out the other side, stopping to walk through the corn crib and fat man's misery.  By this time the boys were wiped out, hot and whiny.  We offered to buy ice cream and just like magic everyone was smiling and raring to go.  We ended our trip with a few slides down the sliding rock. 

one fireman goes across the chasm
watching them hook up their lines and listening to them talk

the group on the other side

the head of the waterfall; looking down

stopping to check out a "sideways" tree

it's all green inside; just like the wood we found at home!

poor dear...  fur everywhere!

finding their own path down

Fat Man's misery

Alec has an uncanny ability to scale rock walls

the corn crib

sliding rock
the boys favorite part of the playground

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