Friday, February 28, 2014

Lots of learning games


    Catch a sight word--- I wrote a bunch of sight words on a small beach ball and Evan and I played pass.  Wherever our hands landed we had to read the words under our hands.  Not surprisingly his brothers wanted to join in too!
Our ball

Evan playing the game and reading his words


  Clothespin drop game-- remember playing fun party games when you were a kid and you had to try and drop a clothespin into a bottle.  I took this fun kids games and turned it into a subtraction game.  I gave Evan 10 clothespins to start with; I had him count how many he had and then I had him try and drop them in a bottle.  He had to subtract the ones that fell on the floor and tell me a number sentence to go with what happened  (such as: 10- 6= 4 in the jar!)
counting his clothes pins

dropping his clothespins

counting them up to come up with his number sentences

    Division Bang-  While Evan was working on subtraction his brothers worked on division again.  Using the same idea as the sight word Bang game that Evan and I played the other day I made up a multiplication bang game.  I took a bunch of popsicle sticks and wrote various division equations on each sticks.  They had to reach into the jar pull out a stick and if they got it right they got to keep the stick.  If they got it wrong they put the stick back in the jar.  If they got the stick that said bang they had to return all their sticks to the jar.  I've also seen it where people have written Zap or Buzz on their sticks as well so it just depends on what you want to call your game.  We set a timer for this game and the one with the most sticks at the end won! 
Our sticks

our container all ready for our game

Alec is so happy to be winning for once!

The boys amazed themselves with their understanding today 

     Evan thought the boys game looked like so much fun that he wanted to play sight word bang again so we pulled out his container of words and we played a game.  He did great with most of these 20 words that we've been practicing.  He told me that next time (Monday) he wanted to play memory again using these words AND the bang card and if you flip over a bang you get to take a card from one of your opponents.  I think that sounds like great fun and we'll definitely have to try it. 
He beat me again in Sight word Bang!

   Bucket List writing-- We wrapped up a quick morning of work with a writing activity.  I printed out a summer bucket list with 30 blank lines for the boys to do some spring/ summer dreaming.  I had them write a list of activities that they'd like to do when the weather finally gets nice enough to go outside everyday.  They came up with some great ideas but it took them almost all day!!  They did not find this activity as fun as I had hoped.  While they had a lot of great ideas it was hard for them to get them all down on paper.  They took fairly frequent breaks and I used a bunch of summer fun lists I had found on Pinterest to help them think of fun things to do.  Since some of their ideas aren't strictly "summer" ideas and are things we could do now I plan to implement some of them next week. 

Though they aren't finished in this picture; all three boys finished this activity. 
Evan wrote his last five answers completely by himself (with me helping
him spell). 

     They decided to watch families of Brazil after lunch and turned our playroom into a mini movie theatre.   They are really enjoying this series of movies and we just can't wait for new ones to come in! 

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