Thursday, February 27, 2014

Craft Day with the Homeschoolers

     With groceries, a homeschool craft day, hair cuts, Bj's, basketball and more planned for today I knew we were going to be spending most of the day in the car and not on schoolwork.  I was pleasantly surprised by all that we managed to get done today.
      Once home from the grocery store, I asked the boys to get a bit of work done while I put away all the groceries and washed/ cut up all the fruits and veggies for the week.  The older boys started with their math minute and I was shocked when Ian passed today.  It's only the second day he's been working on these facts!  Alec got a few more right than he did yesterday so I tried to keep encouraging him.  He's such a perfectionistic type of personality that he gets easily discouraged.  I then pulled out a division game for them to play.  I had downloaded this Burst the Balloons game a ways back and while I wasn't sure they were ready for it I asked them to try.  Ian picked up on it right away and Alec was able to work out all the answers to the problems with some coaching and encouraging.  I was impressed with how quickly they're catching onto division, but I was hopeful that it would be fairly quick and easy since they have such a great understanding of multiplication. 

     Evan working on word families.  I found a mitten page early on in the winter where you color the matching word family mittens the same color.  He had to find two mittens that rhymed and while he really struggled with telling me what the words were he knew which words rhymed.  When I asked him how he knew that he was able to tell me that the last two letters were the same and so they must have the same ending.  At least he's showing progress and understanding of word families. 

    Once schoolwork was done I had the boys pack their lunches for the car ride to our homeschool craft day and we packed up the car.  We had a few minutes until we had to leave and Alec and Evan watched a movie called Hummingbirds Up Close.  This documentary is geared for adults and was a bit dry and boring for Evan but Alec seemed to really enjoy it.  He was quoting facts from it the rest of the day! 
    We headed to the library for our homeschool group and quickly checked out a few more books (OK a lot of books; my bag was bulging again!) before we started setting up tables for our craft day.  We had several families attending and each family was asked to bring a craft for about a dozen kids to participate in. 

We had so much fun for the next few hours crafting and visiting with our friends. 

    We made bird feeders-- 2 different kinds; for bird feeder no. 1 we spread honey all over a toilet paper roll and then rolled it in bird seed.  We strung some shoelaces through the toilet paper roll so they could hang it from their trees when they got home. 

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      For bird feeder no. 2 we strung cheerios onto some pipe cleaners.  It was fun to be able to shape the pipe cleaners into different shapes for the birds.  I think a bunch of them strung on one tree would be really cute!
      One family brought their rainbow loom and some rainbow loom bands for bracelet making.  Their daughter was great at demonstrating and teaching the kids how to make bracelets!

    Another family brought pipe cleaners, clothes pins, coffee filters and markers for making paper butterflies.  The kids would draw on the coffee filters with markers, spritz it with enough water to make the marker colors blend and bleed and then once dry we'd smoosh them up and clip them in the middle to make little butterflies.  The pipe cleaners made the perfect antennae.

     One mom brought a stack of paper, some markers, and some rulers and taught the kids how to make three- d drawings using lines and bumps. 

      One family brought an iron and some Perler Beads.  The kids had so much fun creating all sorts of shapes and patterns with the tiny beads and watching them magically "glue" together with the use of the hot iron (which the mom did for them all).


  We had a family that brought lots of foam stickers and some papers for the kids to make sticker collages.  Our final family brought paper with heart stencils, star stencils or drawings of flowers on them with little strips of colored tissue paper and watered down glue for the kids to make stained glass pictures. 
  We came home from craft day and the boys played a few games of air hockey, went outside to put their bird feeders out and then settled in to watch some movies.  Ian watched Families of Brazil while the younger two boys watched Wild Kratts.  Families of Brazil is part of a collection of movies about families around the world.  It's a great look into the lives of kids in other countries and it really gave us a good feel for their culture.  We've already requested Families of Australia, Families of Russia, and Families of India from our library.  By that time we had to quickly pack dinner for the kids to eat in the car on the way to hair cuts and basketball.... I keep hearing that song Run, Run, Rudolph playing through my head today.  It's hectic but fun. 

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