Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Paws and Santa Buddies

We had two movies picked out for school today and as an added treat we started watching one  of them at breakfast. 

I don't usually allow them to watch movies in the morning, especially on a Monday when we have to be out and ready for trampoline, but the movie was due back at the library and I wanted to return it while we were out and about.  We brought my laptop into the car so we could finish the movie while driving.  It seemed to work better than the portable DVD player since it has a larger screen and they can see it without bickering with one another as much.
While Ian was in class I worked with the younger two boys on their math.  Ian and Alec were working on another plot the grid paper-- this time they were making a Santa's face (all of our work was themed around Santa today!).  Evan had another roll and cover worksheet.  He was pretty impressive when he told me that 6 plus 6 was 12 and he didn't need to count the dots on the dice since he remembers that from before.  I'm hoping over time he'll be like that with most of the other math facts too!

We had picked out a book called How Santa Really Works today but once we got the book in from the library and had flipped through it, it didn't really look like anything we'd want to read so Alec pulled out one of his favorite Christmas books called Turkey Claus and we also read Home For Christmas as part of our continuance of reading Jan Brett books.  Alec wanted to read Turkey Claus to us and he did a phenomenal job too. 

Once we were done reading, I had the boys work on an acrostic poem. 

I had found some free printable holiday paper and wrote the word Santa going down the left hand side of the page.  The boys had to brainstorm ideas or words that started with each of the letters in Santa's Name.  They did really well with this! 

I helped Evan by turning his thoughts into sentences that would work with each letter and I also offered to write it out for him since he was getting pretty tired.  I love how they came out and I think the boys surprised themselves by how easy they found it.

 We  had put some brownies in the oven earlier in the day and since no one wanted to do any crafts or art today and school was done, I let them decorate one each for a special snack while watching our second movie. 

I had cut the brownies into triangle shapes to make Santa hat snacks.  Each boy frosted his own brownie and then added some mini marshmallows for Santa's brim and pompom.  They were pretty creative though, Alec frosted his pink and made a Mrs. Clause hat and Ian decided to use green M &M's along the brim to make an elf hat.  They enjoyed their tasty treats and settled down to watch Santa Paws until dinner.

Elf hat

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