Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Carol & Angel Ornament

On Sunday we found our elf hunkered down against our gingerbread house making us a snowman out of marshmallows.

isn't it cute?
Today, the boys spotted him hitching a piggy back ride from one our snowmen.  Once the elf was found we were finally able to start our day.

I couldn't believe how fast we finished everything for school today.  I read them a children's version of A Christmas Carol.  The illustrations were wonderful and the summary of Charles Dickens story was just right (not to long and not to short).  Alec remembered reading a Magic Tree House book A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time where they met Charles Dickens and they talked about the plot line for this story.  I couldn't remember it at first but the more he talked and reminded us the more I remembered.   I love the associations he's always able to make.

I put our portable DVD player in the car and offered to let the boys watch our movie of the day in the car.  I had rented The Muppet Christmas Carol from our library.  I know my boys don't really like the Muppets, but I can't figure out why!   I LOVE them.  I grew up watching them and think they are hilarious.  The boys groaned and threatened not to watch at all.  By the time we arrived at trampoline they were laughing uproariously and arguing with one another about having their view blocked even the littlest bit by one another.  I'm going to guess they enjoyed it!
During trampoline I worked with Evan and Alec on math and language arts.  The older two boys had a Christmas Multiplication roll and cover sheet that I changed to a roll and color sheet.  They rolled two dice and multiplied the numbers together then colored in the answer on their page.  They kept playing until all the answers were filled in.  I put two dice in a small covered plastic container so they wouldn't loose the dice.  They were able to shake them, then see through the container to what numbers they had "rolled" and completed the sheet this way.  It was great to have the dice controlled like that!  Glad I saw it on Pinterest and decided to try it out.

Dice for on the go fun!

Evan also had a Christmas Roll and Color sheet but it was for addition.  He really struggled with the dice in the container because he needed to touch and see the dots in order to count them.  Since we sit at a little table to watch Ian at trampoline we just took the dice out of the container and used them as we normally would.  He quickly started recognizing the number of dots on each of the die and we worked with counting on while starting with the largest number in his head.   

Our craft for today was making angel paperclip ornaments.  

These were super easy!

All you need is:

  • butterfly paper clips (I found them at Staples-- I think I paid less than $4 for 50 of them)
  • some large round beads in silver or pearl (we found silver)
  • some 1/4" ribbon (which I had on hand already)
  • buttons or pony beads for a halo  
We cut a length of ribbon about 8" long, held it in a loop an threaded our bead onto the ribbon.

step 1-- pull bead through the loop
From there we threaded our loop through the center of the paperclip.

step two:  pull loop through the middle of the butterfly clip
We then folded the loop over our bead and pulled tight.

Step 3:  bring the loop up and over the bead
step 4: pull tight to secure ribbon onto clilp
We tried to tie off our ornament but I found our beads had such large holes that the beads slipped right off over our knots so we added a halo to our angels.  I let the boys pick out a button or pony bead and we threaded that onto our ribbon over the large beads and then we tied it off with a knot on the top that we could then put a hook through and hang on our tree.  These were pretty simple (though they did need help getting the button on and tying the finished knot), and very inexpensive.  We have TONS of materials left to make another 20 or so angels with our homeschool group later this week.

Step 5:  Add a button (or pony bead) and tie
a knot to secure beads into place.  Tie another knot
at the top so you have a loop to hang your ornament

Finished and on our tree

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