Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hands- on History Lesson about Native Americans

We went on a field trip today to the Mashentucket Pequot Museum.  I have never been there, nor had any of my kids and I thought it was the perfect field trip to take right before Thanksgiving.

Our trip was made even better since my sister and her boys joined us and I had a Groupon that saved us all money.  We learned SO much!

We got to learn about the ice age, glacier, and extinct animals.  We saw the tools native American's used, food they ate, replicas of their houses and villages.  It was amazing!  We had such a great time.  The museum has wonderful interactive TV's that drew the kids in.  There were movies to watch.
Walking through the village they give you what look like old flip cell phones and you can listen to stories about the village, the people in it and the jobs they do.

My boys were dreading this field trip and they had such a good time.  I love when we can make history lessons really come alive-- they're so much more memorable that way!

Learning about how they made tools by watching a video

Learning about glaciers and the ice age

Extinct species of wolves called dire wolves

Learning about how local native American's used the woods around us to survive

Tool they used

Diorama of their village complete with fishing fences

Comparing our modern day tools to theirs

Alec learned all about the Atlantic Sturgeon

Listening to a story of what this native American girl is doing

They loved the "phones"

A wigwam we got to go into

We ended our day with a quick trip to the top of the lookout tower

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