Thursday, November 21, 2013

Awesome Artwork!

    Evan was up nice and early and wanted to play Word Monkey on the Kindle.  Alec soon joined him and asked to play Chess and Stack the States.  They did a good job taking turns and not fighting so I let them be for a while.  Ian watched a few episodes of How It's Made and American Pickers.  They got all ready for the day and spent a bit of time on our library's website requesting new books and movies. 
   Evan saw me looking through our box of books trying to decide which ones I wanted to read today and he offered to read a Bob Books to me.  We re-read Mat Hid and read Hop.  Again he was able to read several pages in this brand new book to me without any help!  We had a few new words and when I asked him how he knew what that page said he told me that he doesn't know how to read he's just making good guesses.  I smiled and reminded him that a lot of the best readers just make guesses as to what's coming next in the story, as long as he looks at the words to make sure they make sense with his guesses he's doing a great job. 
    We finally decided we wanted to start school.  Ian asked if he could do one of the art projects he picked out on Pinterest the other day.  I had planned to do a project today anyway since he was so interested.  He ended up picking the same project I was thinking about doing today!  We painted birch trees. We followed the directions of the Doodle All Day website using liquid watercolors and the sunsets were quite vibrant.  I love how they came out!  Unfortunately, Evan struggled with using the credit card to make the lines in the birch tree, threw the card full of black paint across the room and quit.  He decided to try again after lunch (after I sent him to his room and he threw a major tantrum). 

Ian making birch lines on his tree

Alec is a natural

Their finished paintings 
Even Evan's came out just great once he calmed down. 
       While waiting, between steps, for our art work to dry the boys played toys for a bit and we sat and read  If You Were at the First Thanksgiving  and Oh No, Woolly Bear!  The boys knew quite a bit about the first Thanksgiving but we definitely learned some new facts through reading If You Were At The First Thanksgiving.  I love that this is part of a series.  We'll definitely be checking out a lot of the other books since they are well written and informative.   Oh No, Woolly Bear reinforced the lessons we learned in Bug and Bugsicles and where bugs go during the winter.  After we were finished our artwork I decided school was done for the day.  I just love homeschooling! 

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