Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween celebrations

      Yesterday, I awoke to find a distant (elderly) relative's photo on Facebook with a missing person's report.  It was kind of surreal to stare at this photo of a woman I knew and loved and put it together that she was missing.  Seriously I think I stared at the picture for a good long time before it really registered and clicked a "hey,  I KNOW her!" message.    Needless to say I spent most of the morning glued to Facebook hoping to find a positive update.  We were planning to head to a homeschool healthy Halloween party at a local library but I warned the boys that my grandmother might call and need some company (since it was her relative that was missing) and briefly explained why.  They did ask how an adult could get lost and I explained that she might have gotten confused or disoriented.  I didn't have the best of answers because I was wondering that myself.  Of course I didn't want to but couldn't help think that perhaps foul play was at work.  I spent the day wishing and praying for a miracle.  
      I wanted to be in the moment today and enjoy my kids and the party but I was definitely distracted.  It's hard not to worry when you don't know what is going on.  The boys, thankfully, were boys.  They had no idea I was distracted and they all had a ball at our party.  We made an adorable monster fruit salad to bring (and I'm not trying to toot my horn by saying it was a huge hit at the party!).  We packed up some art supplies, paper goods, and treats, donned our costumes and headed out.  The boys played musical chairs, limbo, pass, bowling, and had fun running and playing.  We had a huge turn out for our party and the boys met a few more homeschoolers.  They played with moon sand and made a few craft projects-- Ian's skull drawings came out amazing!  We were reluctant to leave, we were having so much fun. 
Our monster fruit salad-- saw this on Pinterest and had to give it a shot!  So super easy!! We carved
a giant hole with teeth at the bottom of the melon, scooped out the melon, cut up all the fruit and spooned it coming out of the mouth.  We then used toothpicks, orange slices and half- grapes for the eyes.  I did cut a slice of the melon off the bottom to make it nice and flat for standing up too. 
the craft table

A group shot-- look at all the amazing costumes (many moms and
kids made theirs)

musical chairs

getting down to a final few

Moon sand was a big draw for all the kids

eyeball/ spoon race!  (just like an egg race but with small eyeballs
one mom managed to find!)

How low can you go?

Find directions and templates here for this project

our completed skulls

   Once home Ian went to play outside and the other two boys enjoyed an early day of screens.  I once again logged onto Facebook.  My relative's deceased body had been found.  I was so sad and feeling kind of bad that I let a day with my boys slip away when, more than ever, I was reminded that life is short!  This week has been unbelievable; between bomb threats at local area schools (that make me so extremely glad I homeschool my boys), our crazy schedule (that makes me want to pull out my hair), and the sad news today (that made me want to crawl into bed) it has been one emotional week.  I feel like the only lesson I can take away from all these events is to really try my hardest to enjoy each day and moment I get to spend with my boys.  To make the most of everything-- their education, their growth, our time together, everything! 
       We ate a quick dinner, got back into our costumes and headed out for what I was hoping would be a great, fun night!  We were heading to a Halloween laser light show.  We went last year and loved it.  The boys saw so many of their friends, listened to some fun and funky Halloween music and watched all the neat Halloween images projected onto the screen.  Perfect way to end the day! 

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