Saturday, October 19, 2013

Field trip Friday

    Though I had a ton of things to do at the house yesterday, we decided to ignore it all and head to Roger Williams Zoo at the last minute.  We threw some food into the backpack cooler, got dressed and headed out.  It was a beautiful, sunny, fall day and we were excited since we hadn't been to the zoo in a while.  The weather was perfect for a field trip and I love that one trip to the zoo usually allows us to cover all the school subjects in such a fun way.
    We had a perfect day and got to see almost all the animals plus a few new ones!  The tree kangaroo was back and there was a new bird called the Sunda Wrinkled Hornbill.  They are in the process of building some new exhibits and Ian really enjoyed watching the construction for a bit too.  We read up about all the animals, quizzed each other on the maps and compared old maps to new maps (geography and reading).  We looked at the rail of Marco Polo and talked about what it would be like to live and travel back then and all the new wondrous things explorers would have seen (history).  The boys added up purchases, calculated time remaining for our drive there and back, and figured out how many years ago things happened on various signs (math).  We learned about snakes through fun interactive fact/ fiction boards, learned about the wrinkled hornbill and it's unusual nesting site, and so much more (science).  Alec taught others about the Lesser Panda and various other animals throughout the zoo.  We got to see many of the carved pumpkins on display for the pumpkin trail they have at night (art appreciation).  We also learned some new vocabulary words like intricate (language arts).   It was a wonderful day and I love when I can see them learning more about all of life's subjects. 

So much information on so many of the display boards 

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