Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another A-MAZE-ing day!

        The boys all got right to "work" playing with their toys this morning.  Alec and Evan have made bungee cords for all their stuffed animals and like to bounce them off the balcony of our great room.  Ian decided to work with his Lego's and I chose to get some housework done.  It started getting pretty loud in here and so around 8:30 I asked all the boys to please clean up and eat breakfast.  We had to be on the road by 9:45 and I knew we'd need that full hour to get all ready. 
    While they ate we listened to the rest of the Boxcar Children's Mystery Ranch book on tape.  We're kind of bummed that this is the last audiobook of the Boxcar Children that our library (or any of the libraries on interlibrary loan) owns.  We've been scouting around for new ideas for books on CD since it seems like we've finished up all of our series lately.   We've got some great suggestions from family and friends that we can't wait to try. 
      We didn't really have time for much in the way of math today.  I told the older two boys they could pick a computer game or two and we tried out a new website called Illuminations today.   There were tons of games to choose from, but I don't think the boys found these games all that exciting so they weren't all that interested.  While Ian was having his turn on the computer playing Factorize and learning about arrays and multiples,  I sat down with Evan to work on his math.  I asked him to count by 10's to 100 (and he did!) and then I worked with him to count to 100 by 5's.  We then worked together on a dot to dot that went up to 100.  Alec sat for a few minutes at the computer when it was his turn, looked at all the games available and asked if he could play math bingo on the kindle instead.  He worked on multiplication, addition, and two- digit addition.   By the time Alec finished playing we were in the car well on our way to our field trip. 

Alec playing math games

arrays that Ian is working on

     We were meeting up with our homeschool group for a field trip to a corn maze at Buttonwood Farm.  The boys spent the car ride taking turns on the Kindle.  I did warn them that since it was school time they could only play educational games.  Evan played his Monkey Word Adventure game and Ian picked Flow Free.  Alec argued that Flow Free wasn't really a learning game and I explained that it required problem solving skills and was a lot like a maze.  He replied with "wow, math is in like... everything!" 
       We spent our day at the corn maze and the boys played on the hay bale mountain and in the corn crib.  We went on a few hay rides and fed the cows.  We tried our hand at finding our way through the maze and while they didn't always agree on which path to take we did find our way out.  We had duck races and saw baby pigs, goats, and chickens.  It was great.  The boys cousins, Aunt and Grandmother came too so we had a lovely family day as well as a homeschooling day.  We ended the day with some delicious homemade ice cream. 
burying one another in the corn

the hay mountain is a big hit

duck races

tractor ride

feeding the cows

they're very hungry!

baby pigs

Looking out over the corn maze from the bridge

cooling off with some ice cream
     Once home we got ready for Alec's Karate class and Ian headed out to mow lawns with his dad.  Alec learned several new techniques in Karate as well as even more about stranger danger.  They learned that they will be evaluated next week for belts and/ or stripes on their belts and were told what to practice.  Alec came home and memorized three of the five student creeds--- in one night!  I was feeling bad that I didn't know he was supposed to be working on these but he just amazed me on all that he has picked up on in just three classes. 

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