Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All Day Science Lesson

     My boys woke eager because it was science day.  I told them I wasn't actually teaching science today since we were finally meeting up with our Happy Homeschool Hikers group to go on a nature hike.  The boys were so excited to be seeing some of their friends we hadn't seen  in a long time.  But, my boys don't like to hike... or so they claim.  They whine, moan and grumble long before we ever leave the house.  Today's hike took place in two parts and the boys convinced me to only go to the afternoon hike that their aunt and cousins were going to also.  I agreed, mainly because I had a ton of stuff around the house I wanted to get done.   I was disappointed as I really wanted to go hiking and have been dying to get out and enjoy the fall weather and foliage, but I was happy with our compromise. 
     The boys were still bummed I wasn't going to do any science experiments today and Ian told me he wanted to do some science on his own.  He decided he wanted to play with shaving cream so all the boys pulled out old cookie sheets, trucks and animals and a few bottles of shaving cream.  They played for about an hour and then-- here's the really amazing part-- cleaned up after themselves!  Yes, that is the Halleluiah Chorus singing in the background that you hear; or at least I do. 
     All three boys looked through some toy magazines and started on their Christmas lists (yes, I know it's early but the grandmas are asking!).  They started circling some things THAT WE OWN and when I called them on it they looked stumped.  I pulled out some of those mining excavating kits that I don't usually let them play with because I think digging away at the hardened plaster/ sand material makes a mess for the tiny little gems they manage to mine and they decided to take it outside. 
     Evan worked really hard on his Lego's and finished the sets he got for his birthday.  He was pretty proud that he managed to make a few of the things all by himself without any help.  Unfortunately, by the time he finished it was time for us to get going.  I packed our lunches into the car and we headed off. 
       We met our homeschool friends at Goodwin State Park and had a glorious day for hiking, picnicking and nature study.  We met TONS of new homeschooling families and made new friends.  We were even allowed into the nature preserve center and saw taxidermy animals, old beehives, nests, furs and a huge display of bark, leaves and identifying trees.  It was great!  We saw frogs, a walking stick, a heron, some ducks, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and many "new" types of seeds, leaves and trees. 


pretty view

the berry patch

Evan pets a grasshopper

checking out native animals

A display of the various tree species around

various bee hives

more animals and furs

a dead garter snake; all the kids were fascinated

chestnut seed pods

gathering together-- we had a BIG crowd today!

one mom found a walking stick

bald Cyprus tree

Evan knew this was a birch tree! 

the trail map/ guide has stops along the way with
descriptions of the significance of the stops. 

the other side of the map

identifying poison ivy

Evan was thrilled that these two trees looked like a capital A

Leaf fight!

resting after our hike
100 year old trees

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