Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On- line games

      We headed outside to clean up all the toys in the yard and we ended up bringing in a lot of the patio furniture and "summer stuff."  It's been getting cooler here and much as I hate to admit it, it's time to get ready for fall and winter.  The boys soon lost interest with helping me clean and went back to playing.  I tackled the gardens and even started trimming some of the stuff back for next year.  Evan and Ian both helped for a bit, Ian enjoyed cutting the bushes back and Evan wanted to try to use the wheelbarrow. I love when they help in the garden!
     We were all sitting at the table for lunch and started playing around on the computer looking for educational games.  We went to BrainPopJr and watched a video about Animal Classification.  Alec then played an animal classification game on BrainPopJr too.  We started playing around on the sight and found a great fraction game that all the boys took a turn playing called Treefrog Treasure.  Even Evan was able to play this fun game that works with equivalent fractions and ordering fractions.  He amazed me that he didn't have much difficulty in playing even though I offered very little help! 
       After we were done on the computer the boys ran outside to check out a baby snake that Ian found next to his truck site.  Unfortunately, it's pretty wet and rainy here today so that didn't last long.  We played a few rounds of Old Maid and Alec went up into his room to play with his stuffed animals and Lego's while Ian and Evan raided the weapon bin and started playing with Nerf swords, guns and laser tag.  Ian was really just trying to kill time until I'd allow him to turn on the TV at 4.  He's discovered a new discovery channel show called Alaskan Steel Men and he just loves it. 

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