Friday, August 9, 2013

Ice Cream Bread!

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     The kids started their day watching movies, yet again (though Alec chose to remain in his room for a while and read; Collared Peccary and Life Cycles: River).  It was pouring rain here and I, for the most part they watched educational shows.  They finished The Indian in the Cupboard and watched most of How It's Made; The Fun Stuff.  The boys really enjoyed watching how donuts, cheesecakes, ice cream cones, candy canes, motorcycles, and so many toys and "fun" things were made.  They wandered off to play Lego's, Lincoln Logs, and trucks.  Ian wandered outside to play in the rain while it had tapered off to a sprinkle.  He set up posts and caution tape all around the perimeter of his job site and worked on building yet another quarry and house.  Alec chose to pick up one of the Weird School Books-- Mrs. Hannah is Bananas and started reading it.  He read most of the story out loud to himself with tons of expression and different voices.  I think he must have read 1/2 of the book by the time he decided to stop and have a very late breakfast.  I was thrilled!  Alec is a non- fiction animal book kind of boy and while I never mind that he reads everything about animals he can find I was happy to see him enjoying a fiction book too! 
      The kids played in their own rooms most of the afternoon or occasionally broke into groups of two, building cooperatively and using their imaginations to their full extent.  We talked about respecting boundaries when the boys started complaining about one another or if they ignored closed doors.  Ian's door does not shut properly and so even when locked his brother's tend to just barge in.  We talked about privacy, knocking on closed doors (locked or not), and asking permission to enter someone else's room.  We talked about why knocking might be important, why it's rude to just barge in and how each of them would want to be treated.  They all understood and even put it into practice a few times.   We had to talk about keeping our hands to ourselves, respecting one another's toys and treating each other kindly as we had an usually rough day of hitting, yelling, toy throwing (mostly Lego's, which then led to broken toys, missing pieces, and tears).  
       I knew we'd need to head out to the bank, library, post office and gas station later in the day and, when I mentioned that, Ian decided he wanted to deposit his money too.  I handed him his bank book and a deposit slip and had him fill it out.  He's never done that before and, while he a had a few questions, he filled out the slip without complaint and then flipped back through his book to see how much he's managed to save up.  He was beaming when he realized how much he had saved up already from all of his hard work these past few months of mowing. He also had plans to pick and sell blueberries next summer to make even more money.  I just love his entrepreneurial spirit!  Evan has decided he's going to sell cookies and hot chocolate.  I told them both they should add that to their homeschool goals for the year so they don't forget. 
      One of my friend's had put a recipe on my Facebook page for ICE CREAM BREAD!  I know -- sounds a bit weird yet appealingly yummy doesn't it?  Well, I mentioned that to the boys and they wanted to try it out.  With only two ingredients needed I was all for trying it out.  Ian got out the bowl, measuring cup and spoon as well as the self- rising flour (you can use regular flour too just add 1 1/2 tsp. of baking powder and 1/2 tsp. salt to every cup of four).  The one cup measure was dirty from all the earlier baking I did and so we only had a half- cup measure to work with.  I told Ian we needed 2 cups of ice cream and 1 1/2 cups flour and right away he knew we needed to fill the measuring cup 4 times with ice cream and 3 times with flour.  The younger two boys picked out the ice cream to use-- we decided on Butter Crunch (and since we didn't have quite enough we added a bit of heath bar crunch).  Once everything was measured into the bowl the boys all took turns stirring it together.  It does come out pretty thick like real bread dough and needs some muscle behind the stirring but they didn't seem to mind.  While they were stirring I greased and floured the loaf pan and preheated the oven.  We dumped the mixture from the bowl into the loaf pan and spread it out as best we could then popped it in the oven for 45 minutes and eagerly awaited our results.  It looked and smelled so good, we could hardly wait for it to cool off.   It was delicious!   Moist and a bit sweet the boys decided it mainly tasted like "regular" bread.  Before they had even finished their slice of bread they were already talking about the next time and deciding what types of ice cream to try.  This could lead to a whole new round of experimenting! 
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