Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spill and Spell, 4th of July, movies!

      I got a new game in last night called Spill and Spell, the boys saw the box and Alec asked if we could play a round after dinner.  As if I'd say no to spelling!  So we took everything out of the box and played 1/2 a game (a full game is 10 rounds and since you play one at a time a full game could be quite long).  They did really well with this and enjoyed it so much that Alec decided to  play a bit this morning by himself. 

      We read 4 books before bed last night and I went to bed feeling really great about all the school work we snuck in without anyone noticing!  They all wanted to read after I said good- night so they pulled out flashlights, book lights and turned on desk lamps and paged through or read from their own books.  There's nothing I love more than going in to check on them before bed and finding Alec passed out with his book open and his light still on.  It always makes me smile when my little bookworm wears himself right out, reading 'til the very end. 
      I wasn't so happy when he was the first one up this morning, but my reminder that we were going to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and get out to the grocery store without turning on screens must have been remembered because Alec was all ready to go within 20 minutes of waking up.  He wasn't at all tired, crabby or whiny.  He's usually my last one ready so I did agree to reward him with screens-- he watched TV until his brothers woke up and then immediately turned it off so they'd get ready.  We were out the door by 7:30!!  I can't remember the last time that happened.
    We were in and out of the grocery store and then I set to work putting away groceries and making all sorts of yummy treats for all of our 4th of July parties coming up over the next few days.  While I was cooking the boys took turn playing games on the Kindle-- I downloaded two new learning games for the older boys yesterday.  There's a fun math game called Kid Math and a word game called Word Stack that I told them they could try out.  Ian went outside for a bit and dug in the sand and played with his toys. 
    We sat down to read Red, White and Boom and Celebrate Independence Day-- I had some fun craft projects planned for the 4th of July too but the boys didn't want to do any crafts today (or science, geography & math).  I decided to go with it.  While it was a bit loud and crazy they all seemed pretty happy so I tried to ignore the noise, flying balls, tackling and other assorted rough housing.  I find it's best to just let them be and take a break on the days they feel they need it and it makes them much more willing to work extra hard on other days when they're looking for me to provide activities and learning opportunities.    The sun was finally shining so I kicked them all outside to get out some energy and soak in the sunshine!  We only have one real swing and so Alec has been practicing on climbing up the rings to make his own.  He was very proud of himself today that he was able to do this multiple times.  He really wanted to take a turn on the monkey bars too but the way ours is set up you can't use the monkey bars unless you take down all the swings and his brothers refused to cooperate. 

      We headed to the library this afternoon to drop off and pick up some books, but also to see a movie.  Our library plays old family movies every now and then and the boys enjoy going, even if it's something we've seen.  Today's feature was Gnomeo and Juliet, but honestly I think the boys were more excited about eating popcorn!  We popped up a big batch before we left the house and it did smell really good.  We talked about how it's a lot like William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet but with garden gnomes and a name change.  They remembered William Shakespeare from the Magic Tree House book Stage Fright on a Summer Night.  There were many references to Shakespeare in the movie and the boys really enjoyed the show. 

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