Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend re-cap

       The boys all had their last practice/game of soccer this weekend.  While I'm always sad to see the season end since they really have gained and grown so much in skill, it's also a relief to know we'll be back to having our nights and weekend to ourselves to plan time with family and friends.  Alec, who wasn't sure he wanted to play soccer this spring, really started coming into his own by the end of the season.  He made a goal (his first ever!) and started getting very aggressive and competitive.  He always understood the fundamentals of the game but he's starting to understand little nuances that make him an even better player.  Unfortunately, his team never won a single game this season either and while I know he'd love to win and is disappointed after a loss he's usually happy with how well he played and how hard he tried.  He knows he gives his all to each of his games and really, what more could you ask for?  Evan, who claims to love soccer, participated semi- regularly and seems to enjoy learning new ball handling skills.  He's pretty young still (and small for his age) so not much is expected out of him yet.  He's happy having his dad on the field participating with him and just running around.  But I think the participation medal was his favorite part.  He wore it for three days and talked about it all the time! 

        The boys have been hard at work reading library books that they picked out last week.  Alec has read 5 of his books already and has been staying up late at night in order to do so.  Luckily, we haven't had too many reasons to get up early because I can't tell you how many times I've had to go into his room and tell him it was way past time to turn off his book light and get some sleep.   Yet, I always feel bad when I do because I totally understand.  I couldn't count on one hand the number of times I have stayed up until the crack of dawn finishing up a good book.  We've read a few together too; How Much Is a Million?  and One Well; The Story of Water on Earth.  They really seemed to enjoy both of these books and loved the comparisons in How Much Is a Million. 
        Evan has really taken our reading and learning to heart lately.  Over the past several days since reading One Odd Day he's been counting a lot more and telling everyone who will listen whether each number he counts is odd or even.  I even saw him dividing his fingers into equal groups to show that certain numbers are odd.  I'm thrilled with these beginning division skills!
     Ian decided to try and tackle a new sport this weekend.  He got a wakeboard for his birthday last year and tried once last summer to use it.  He was so discouraged after trying a time or two when he couldn't get up and ended up giving up.  It's a new summer and a new year and I guess that's made him pretty determined to try again.  He tried at least 5 or 6 times to get up on his wakeboard yesterday.  He was pretty determined to give it his all and while he was disappointed he still couldn't get up he was ready to try water skiing as well.  Unfortunately, we don't have any ski's his size.
     The boys spent most of the weekend outside and playing.  We all gathered on the lawn to try some gymnastics the other day.  I amazed myself in being able to do handstands and cartwheels.  I demonstrated them to the boys and they all took turns trying.  They somersaulted, tumbled, and tried for a bit before loosing interest and heading off to ride bikes.  Evan and Alec managed some half- way decent cartwheels!
    We had a family fire and s'mores night.  My husband tried to teach everyone how to toast marshmallows perfectly and they all had fun trying and burning them (and gobbling them up!).  The kids had so much fun throwing newspaper, branches, pine needles, etc. onto the fire and watching it grow or smoke.  They fished off the dock and dug tunnels in the sand.   All in all it was a perfectly relaxing and lazy weekend focused on family fun. 

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