Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice Celebration

        I had a few ideas bumping around in my head for some fun ways to celebrate the longest day and shortest night of the year.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate the official start of summer?  We love summer around here and all the laid back, splashing, wet fun with lots of friends and family that we know is in store for us these next few months.  I was thinking an indoor camp "out," silly string, sparklers, perhaps a fire in the fire pit outside and roasting some marshmallows.  But before I told all the boys about my ideas I wanted to know how they thought we should celebrate.  So I asked them what they think of when they think of the perfect summer day.  I wanted to plan a day- long celebration but really we just couldn't with everything else we had going on.  So I mostly was looking for some fun things to do this morning and a few things for the whole family to enjoy together tonight. 
Ian's completed birthday cake 
       Since the boys and I had pretty much the same ideas we were excited to start our day.  We started by having a silly string fight.  We love silly string, and luckily my husband doesn't mind finding it all over our yard.  I just wish I could find bigger canisters since we run out so darn fast.  But the boys got me pretty well sprayed and were nice enough to help pick it all out of my hair for me when we were done.



  After silly string we all migrated to the backyard and the boys built tunnels and stuff in the sand.  They played cooperatively for quite a while filling up buckets of water and pouring them through the pond they made.  They eventually made it into the water but it was still pretty cold.  First day of summer and it's still cool enough for pants with my tank top!  The boys swam for a bit and my mom stopped in to visit.  We had a nice long visit and the boys took turns telling her all about our trip to six flags.  Evan showed off some of his moves on the swings and then we all had some lunch. 



      My boys were so eager to go and see the new kittens next door that they took off running.  Not one to pass up on an adorable ball of fur either, I followed them and we all spent part of our afternoon watching the new kittens.  We held them, petted them, and listened to them mew and purr.  Alec wanted to shut the window a bit so they wouldn't get cold or scared by the rustling leave sounds.  As the kittens started looking sleepy the kids put them back in the crate and then all sung songs in quiet voices to try and lull them to sleep.  It was adorable to see the kids clustered around the opening of the cage singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in soft voices but I really had a hard time not laughing outright when they started singing The Wheels on the Bus.  Eventually the kittens fell asleep and we convinced the kids to go outside and let the kittens get their rest. 

      They spent the afternoon swimming in the pool, playing in the woods, and just being little kids on summer break.  We had a quick dinner inside and then headed out for a lakeside fire and s' mores roast with the family. The kids had so much fun "helping" to get the fire going, roasting marshmallows and using sparklers that we had bought a while back.  The boys then did a little fishing off the dock and Ian managed to catch a fish using a marshmallow piece! 

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