Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

      The boys were in their fort, that we left up overnight for them,  watching a movie before I even made it down the stairs this morning.  I had pulled out some books and work for us to go over today.  I knew it was supposed to rain again today and that we'd more than likely end up staying home since the park play date with our homeschool group would be canceled.  I wanted to have some stuff on hand to do just in case the kids got antsy and bored. I decide to take advantage of all the boys cooperating and getting along to get some cleaning done instead.  By the time I finished cleaning  they had finished their movie and had eaten breakfast so we dove into a quick and easy father's day questionnaire.  I handed them each a dad sheet and a grandfather sheet and they filled them out.  Ian and Alec worked alone sounding out or looking up words in the dictionary when necessary and I helped Evan spell all the answers for his dad sheet but let him dictate answers to me for his grandfather's questionnaire since he was getting quite sick of writing by then.  I was cracking up reading some of their answers and I know my husband, step- father and father- in - law will all get a kick of these come father's day. 


      Ian put in another movie to watch while I was finishing up with his brothers and I knew I had lost them for a bit.  I could have made them turn it off and get back to work but really what is the point?  It is our summer vacation and it's raining out so I let it slide for today.  Evan spotted his Spiderman Story Studio by Crayola that he had brought home from my grandmother's the other day and asked if he could that.  We uploaded a photo of him and created a superhero that we then put into a Spiderman comic book.  We printed it out and colored part of it in.  Alec wanted a turn too so we created a second superhero and book and printed that out as well.  We've used these in the past and the boys just love reading the stories later that they helped create and actually have their names in.  I'm all for anything that inspires them to read so I love these stories too.  While the stories were printing I pulled out these book I have for the boys called Hold That Thought For Kids and asked them each a page's worth of questions.   It's a great keepsake of the boys thoughts and growth that I started with them as soon as they could all talk.  It's neat to look back and see how much they've grown. 
    While watching the movie Ian was working on creating with the Jovo blocks.  He made several different shapes and creations.  His house came out just amazing.  I love how he just keep creating new and unique things; never using instructions or picture ideas.  He just starts snapping away and watches to see what shapes take form and inspire him. 

          The boys went off to get ready and then the next thing I knew they were all getting into costumes and rehearsing songs to sings.  They played together pretty nicely, rehearsing their moves and songs.  I was supposed to be the judge, but somehow we never got around to that as they could never all agree on when they were "ready." We finally headed our for some errands.


      Once home, we sat down to read One Odd Day and Z is for Zeus.  We've had these books for a while but lately we seem much less "school oriented."  I think party the kids didn't have books they loved hanging around and partly because we've been on the go so much we hadn't had time to sit and read.  After reading was finished Evan went off to play Greek Gods-- he was a god like Zeus, but not Zeus.  He had powers to make all leaves and vines connect and come together for animals and humans that need them.  It's great when his imagination combines with what we're learning about. 
     We booked a trip to Disney a few days ago and the boys have already started asking me how much longer until we go, on pretty much a daily basis.  We don't leave until the fall so I mentioned making a paper chain and tearing a link off everyday.  I cut paper strips last night and handed the kids the calendar.  I had them figure out how many days we have until we leave.  I asked them to try and come up with several ways that we could figure out how many days we have left.  They told me they could count each day, add up the weeks and multiply by 7, add the number of days each month and just count the days left in this month.  Once we determined how many days we had left we counted out the correct number of paper strips and I showed them how to start stapling them together to make a chain.  Ian set to work making the whole chain by himself while Alec sat down to read his new favorite book.  He found a book at the library today that combines angry birds with animals-- I don't think a more perfect book exists for Alec.  It's called the Angry Birds Playground: Animals and it seems to be part of a series of books put out by National Geographic.  Evan continued to play his Greek god game that he made up as he went along as Alec often read snippets of his book out loud to whomever wanted to listen. 
Ian timed himself, kept counting how many he had done, looked
at how many he had left, counted by two's, and applied all sorts
of math concepts to making his paper chain. 
I made Alec double check Ian's counting

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