Thursday, June 6, 2013

These are the Days I'll Remember

With another beautiful day today, we had plans to head out and meet up with our homeschool group at the lake for lunch. 

Before heading out the boys spent a lazy morning playing computer games (they've recently "discovered" the Magic Tree House site and just love it, as well as trying their hands at words with friends), watching a movie-- Travel With Kids to Ireland, and playing. 

They played with snap circuits, stuffed animals and blankets, and then headed out to play with nature and their outdoor toys. 

I had pulled out some books to read and another artist to study but, hey, if they have their own agenda that's OK too. 

Lately, I've been reminded that I chose Unschooling and a more laid back method of teaching for a reason.   

One of my friends posted a link to her Facebook page called "What they Don't Teach You In School; 21 Life Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner" and, in reading it, I couldn't help but think that these are some of the main life lessons I hope to teach the boys: 

  • Enjoy life and learning
  • be thankful for every day and every momen
  • look for the joy in discovery
  • treat one another with kindness
  • learn to know and love yourself; faults and all.  
Life is too short to spend it all stressed out, working and not playing, worrying about whether you're the smartest, fastest, or best, and trying to live up to other people's standards--- we sort of fall into the exact opposite of all of this when I start stressing about what we have and have not learned, when I worry about the boys falling behind in school and state guidelines, and well, when I start to teach.  

The days I decide I need to teach actual lessons to the boys it's usually because I feel like we haven't done or covered enough school work to keep them "on grade level", which is silly since we homeschool and there aren't any grade levels here in my house.  So, for now, it's back to enjoyment!


We had fun exploring our yard and found a crawfish shell, what we think might be bones left over from a bat's wing, and lots of bugs and insects.  We weeded the flower garden and talked about the various species of flowers we have growing.  I have never cut any of my flowers to bring into the house to enjoy but with a tropical storm in the forecast I decided it was time to really enjoy the flowers.

The boys played on the swing set, asked me to help them play with the little zip line, and dug another large hole in the side of the yard.  It was a great morning full of fresh air and sunshine.  

We had a wonderful time at the beach and pretty much had the place to ourselves.  The kids all swam, dug in the sand and explored the area.  They found special rocks, a climbing tree, injured fish, caterpillars, spiders and bugs.   Alec got buried in the sand. 

Then all the boys worked together to make a dam.  They had so much fun squealing every time the water washed over the sides and trying to build them up higher and higher.  They made rivers with multiple paths and dams and watched the water wash them away slowly. 

It was a perfect day of homeschooling. These are the kinds of days I look back on with longing during the long winter when we're all stuck inside and I'm thinking of sending them back to school. 

These are the kinds of days where I think there isn't any other place I'd rather be.  

These are the days we'll always remember!

This is why we unschool.  We have so many wonderful moments to make memories together.

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