Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Knightly fun

  We headed out to Higgins Armory Museum today.  We've been there once before and it's a great museum.  It looks like a huge castle from the outside.  It's painted silver and just gleams in the sunlight.  It's filled with suits of armor, shields, weapons, and flags.  They were having a homeschool day today and admission was discounted.  The boys couldn't wait to head out!  We had known that this particular museum was shutting down at the end of the year and we really wanted to go at least one more time before that happened.  We were surprised to find it packed today-- mostly with homeschoolers!  We played chess, tried on armor, watched a demonstration on chainmail & armor, made our own shields, built several castles, and just walked around for hours reading about and admiring all the old weapons.  Evan was thrilled to see Samurai costumes, helmets and weapons.  Ian watched a movie clip about the Viking and their fighting techniques.  We listened to a wonderful story being told about princes, princesses and a dragon that the kids got to all participate in.  The classroom where they had the shield making activity was fabulous.  They set up simple instructions and a bulletin board explaining all the colors, symbols and meanings behind the different shield.  They had tons of stencils all tucked into little shoe organizers for all the different shapes to put on the shields along with the name and meaning of them written on each stencil! 

the building looks like a huge castle on the outside

Playing chess

building castles 

Teaming up with other homeschoolers to build huge castles

Like these!

A bulletin board of how to make shields and choose colors and adornments
He is obsessed with Griffins and so that's what he chose
(red means courage so he had to have red)

Evan worked hard at tracing

Ian and Alec worked hard tracing several shapes
Ian's favorite color is red so he used that along with
a griffin, owl, falcon and arrow

Yellow for generosity since he's always giving hugs
and all the animals he could find-- griffin, dragon, owl,
fox and falcon


Presentation on armor

Story time! 
with hat and swords

Samurai suit

checking out the different weapons and figuring out how they worked

Evan was particularly interested in the mace

A wonderful diagram of all the parts of the suit

Ian and Alec learn about Vikings ("like in Jack and Annie!")
Trying out the "hinges" on the armor

Getting to see first hand how heavy chest armor was
Trying on helmets to see how heavy they are and difficult
to see out of

Evan lifts up weapons to see how heavy they are

Evan inspects the joints and how they hinge and move

Helmets are very hard to see out of sometimes. 
Trying to use a crossbow

Using magnetic pieces to "dress" a knight

The kids were taken with the dog and horse armor
       We came home and the boys found a package near the door.  I had ordered them some Jovo blocks and they were thrilled to see them.  They spent a good portion of the afternoon building with those and then worked together to erect a fort in the middle of the living room using all the dining room chairs and lots of sheets and blankets.  They pulled out the portable DVD player and all laid down inside the fort to watch a movie when they were done. 

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